Megan Hale is this bubbly piece of fresh air that I came in contact with last year and I've loved her ever sense.  I don't think she realizes how she just exudes joy! It truly made me so comfy (especially when I was so nervous) to interview her and ask her questions.

She has so much fun knowledge and her realness was awesome.  This is one of the podcasts that you don't want to miss! We dive into fear, understanding and truly allowing ourselves to feel like we are enough.

Well sunshine, we ARE enough. You are enough and this is something that I'm going through everyday as a business owner, a mother, a wife, a friend and just being me. It is really hard to feel like you're enough when you play the comparison game or when you're not truly aligned with what you do.

One of my favorite quotes that Megan said when we were talking about wanting to control everything, was this one:

“When you are a control freak, you let fear rule your life.” – Megan Hale

Stop letting fear rule your life! Choose to feel it, own it and know that you are enough!

Listen to this podcast and let it simmer love! Let it simmer!


Megan Hale's Website: Click HERE

The Mini Course: Click HERE

Fierce Feminine Masterclass – Click HERE

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