This year is a year of change for me. Changes in my marriage, changes in my business, changes in my family life and changes in how I treat myself. It has been a long time coming, to be honest.  

In this post, I'm going to share with you my Core Desired Feelings and how I'll be using them in my business this year!
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Last year I made good money, but I overworked myself too much, took on clients that weren't ideal and I really didn't live in my zone of genius and I felt it.

It wasn't a super joyful year for me and this year I want to live in my joy and my purpose.

Every year I go through Danielle LaPorte's, The Desire Map book.  I don't reread the whole thing, but she has a workbook aspect that I go through so I can start thinking about how I want to run my business and how I want to feel inside of my business.

My 2016 Core Desire Feelings

I am going to tell you what my words are and then I'm going to describe a little bit of what each one means to me.

Core Desired Feelings:

  • Ease
  • Cozy
  • Feminine/Sensual
  • Abundant
  • Joy
  • Community

I know should only have 4 or 5, but these are all super important to me this year and I'll explain why now.

Ease – Last year I worked way too much and this year, I've worked a lot less and made about the same (if not more) than what I made through the same time last year. I'm taking more weekends off and being present with my kids and I'm doing more self-care which is SO important as a business owner and mom.

Last year,  I lived in a constant state of stress and irritation and I didn't like that part of me at all. My family didn't deserve that and my adrenals are hating me for it too.

This year, I'm focusing on my money generating tasks and what I love to do. To me, that's ease.  Less stress, more ease is what I want to feel this year and so far, I'm doing that.

Cozy – This is a huge part of my brand. I'm a fuzzy sock lover and Christmas music lover (yes, year round). I love working snuggled under a blanket and I love having a big cup of tea or glass of wine while I work. It's cozy to me. I want to bring more of that into my business and brand.

I love putting on a big warm sweater and just writing. It's therapeutic, it's me. Cozy is me.

Feminine/Sensual – Ooo… this one is a hard one for me because I feel like I have a lot more masculine energy than I do feminine and I want to be more feminine and sensual. I'm not sure how I'm going to embody this, but I'm going to start researching soon.

I just know that I see people who ooze sensuality (hello Danielle LaPorte – she's such a sensual sexy beast!) and I'd love to just feel a fraction of that in my every day life.

Abundant – To me, abundant is how I feel when I'm playing games with my family. Abundant is how I feel when I get a client thank you note or a client telling me that I'm doing an awesome job with their account. It is a feeling of richness, not just because of money, but with how I feel and how I make others feel.

My goal is to make my kids feel more abundant this year and help them understand what that means so they can help others feel the same way.  We are going to start volunteering with them or taking meals to friends so they can see how it helps people and how it makes them feel once they have helped people.

Most people say that's charity, but to me it makes me feel rich when I can help someone in need and that my friends is abundance (to me!).

Joy – Dictionary.com says that joy is a “state of happiness.” I want to live in a state of joy and I want to share that joyful feeling with my clients, friends and everyone.   For me, it also means sending surprises to friends, random loving text messages and just sharing the love, babe, sharing the love.

Community – So when I was really young, I had a semi-good community with my mom's side of the family. On the weekends, we would hang out with my aunts and uncles and I'd get to play with my cousins (which was nice because I was an only child), but then my parents became Jehovah's Witnesses and we stopped hanging out and I wasn't allowed to really hang out with people from school because they weren't in the religion.

So my sense of community went away and ever since I've been a loner and I don't really relate well to people. So my goal is to build my community back up. I want to have friends that are like sisters and I want to create that strong community for my kids, so they know what its like.

For me, family can be blood, but family is also the friends that are like family. I'm craving that. I'm craving community, I'm craving connection, I'm craving sisterhood and even though I'm a little scared to put myself out there, I think I'm going to try again 🙂

Incorporating My Core Desired Feelings Into My Biz

These are also the feelings I'm going to be bringing into my business, my branding and how I interact with my clients.  When I talk with a client, I want them to know that they are being taken care of. When people come to my website, I want them to feel at home.

I intend to add colors, images, etc that I feel are cozy  to me and ooze my core desired feelings and hopefully others will relate and if not, that's okay too. My goal is to attract people who want to create a business that FEELS good to them vs. doing what everyone tells them to do. One of my clients has a business where she markets her Facebook Group expertise. She rarely has coaching phone calls and she's able to build her business in a way that works for her.

That is my ultimate goal when I'm working with my clients and when I'm helping my clients create successful marketing strategies.

So these are my Core Desired Feelings and how I'm going to use them 🙂  What do you think? Do you create Core Desired Feelings?

Share in the comments below! I'd love to hear more about if you use core desired feelings and how you'll use them in your life and business.

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