Have you ever thought about creating a word of the year?  I started this a few years ago and I realize that it really does help me when I focus on something for the year in my business. This past year it was about me being fearless and I definitely have been. I have gotten really out of my comfort zone and taken chances when I didn't want to.

It wasn't really about me actually being fearless, it was more about me acting through the fear.  It was about me acknowledging I was scared but doing it anyway. It was about me changing my inner voice when that fear crept up on me, choosing to change what I told myself and take action.

Word Of The Year

Now that I am getting more comfortable with getting uncomfortable, it is time for me to put myself out there more, so this year my word of the year is:


I have rocked my business with referrals for the last 3 years but that's not happening anymore. It's time for me to put my big girl pants on and put myself out there more in front of my ideal clients.

I know I am good at what I do and now it is time for me to showcase that and a bit more of my personality too.

My content strategy for 2016 includes videos, hosting free challenges, podcast interviews (and bringing amazing people on my podcast) and more.

Because I've taken the time to plan out my business for next year and really start thinking about what I want to do, I am starting to create my 2016 funnels around the content I am creating. I want to become more visible and I want to create more passive income.  Currently, all programs & services I offer include one common denominator – ME!  I have a couple programs I'm creating and a FB Ads Live Workshop I am running right now, that I will create into an information product and sell that passively.

Programs I plan to launch and/or market more in 2016:

  • Live FB Ads Workshop course (to run 3 – 4 times throughout next year)- $397 – $597 where I got through teaching you how to create successful ad campaigns from start to finish, I will review and help you pick images, etc.
  • Leadership Academy Program – this will teach you marketing, business, mindset, systems, self-care.  This program is about teaching what it takes to be a whole entrepreneur
  • VIP Content Strategy Days – this is one of my favorites. This is where I will take clients through creating content for 3 – 6 months, including funnels, FB Ad copy, blog topics/titles, how many emails should be in each funnel, etc.
  • DFY Facebook Ads – This is my baby and while I won't be taking on too many more clients. I'm making my client load at 3 clients per month because it takes A LOT of work to put together campaigns, monitor numbers, tweak/edit, etc. FB Ads will be done at a premium rate with clients who have a minimum budget of $1,000 per month for their ads.

I am thinking about launching a paid mastermind too, but again, I want to be visible and keep it simple.  Creating my business isn't hard but I want to focus on what my zone of genius is and its marketing, content & funnel building (they do go hand in hand) and mindset. All the extra stuff isn't what I'm going to be doing or teaching.

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By reducing what I want to create and teach, I will be able to get more visible within my zone of genius and I can help others do the same in a way that feels comfy to them.

Writing this gets me excited (minus writing this while watching the HORRIBLE Packer Game, we just lost to the Vikings!) because it shows just how far I've come over the last year.

I came into 2015 kinda clueless and unsure but I joined an amazing program, called Freshly Implemented (check out the free webinar Amber is holding HERE) and it really kicked me into gear.  I have taken more action this year than I have in the last 5 years. This program helped to hold me accountable and get me outside of my comfort zone.

I'm doing this program again because of the amazing value I have gotten from it. If you're interest in joining the program, you can find the deets HERE.

All of this to say, I'm gettttttinnnnngggg visible.

More content stuff, more Facebook stuff, more mindset stuff and most definitely more of my shining sweet & sarcastic personality!

What is your word of the year? Do you do this? How do you choose it? Share in the comments below!

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