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This year flew by didn’t it? I think so! I’m so ready to dive into 2018 and set the pace for my year, but it’s not 2018 yet and I’ve still got a lot to do, a lot to process and a lot to let go too.

With November, we had my daughter’s dance competition season, so it was crazy busy but I loved every minute of it. Watching her perform after so many hours of practices is really cool.  I couldn’t imagine doing that and her and her team absolutely love it!

I won’t take up too much time as I know we’re all super busy and I’m starting to wind down. But I did want to give info into my numbers and goals.  Although when you get to December goals, you’ll see that they are quite different than most months.

Website Traffic

For someone who didn’t blog too consistently and did the bare minimum I’m pleased with these numbers, especially since I’ve been building them from the ground up.

The numbers are similar to last months which aren’t horrible, but I’d love to see it increasing over the next 3 – 6 months. My 2018 end of the year goal is to have 500 visitors per day or around 15k website visits per month. But in order for me to do that, I have to get serious with my content.

Anyway, here is an overview:

The Google Analytics for my website! Come take a peek!
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And you can see my most popular post last month was my November Monthly Goals and interestingly enough, my 2nd most popular was my Work With Me page.

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I hired Katrina Hubbard to redo my website and we should have that done next month and we will be revamping the copy on the pages too!

Let’s jump into reviewing my goals for last month.

November Goals Review


  1. Reading Personally –  Chad and I are still reading The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work together. It’s actually helping us so much!
    I'm sharing my December Goals and what I did/didn't do in November. Click to take a peek here!
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     I did not get to the other two books because I was over zealous.
  2. Lunches – I did soooo much better this go around! With all the treats I’ve been eating, I’ve been really good about making a protein shake or fruit for lunch.
  3. Mini Personal Retreat – This did not get done, but I will get it over the kids’ Christmas break. My parents are going to take them for a couple days and hubby has to work so I’ll get some alone and planning time 🙂


  1. Holiday Crafts + Decorating w/ Kids – Done and done! We made Gingerbread houses and snowflakes 🙂
  2. Declutter – Hubby and I went to town on getting rid of stuff and we plan on doing even more this month. Especially since Christmas tends to bring more “stuff” into our house.


  1. Put FB Ads + Consulting Quiz Funnel Together – This is actually almost done, woot!
  2. Book 30 Strategy Sessions – Hindsight is 20/20. I couldn’t have done this even if I tried. Why? Because I blocked my calendar off so I could finish up client work so I could shut down as much as possible in December.

2017 December Goals

I don’t have any real goals in December other than to finish up client work and be present with my family and kiddos.

In all honestly, I created my business so I could be with them and that is exactly what I’m going to do 🙂

I told you my goals were different for December. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to share what my January goals are and my Marketing Plan for 2018. I’m pretty pumped about it!

Happy Holidays!

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