It's February goals times! Can you believe how fast time is going as we get older? I can't believe, well I can, since I'm living it.

This is one thing that I really do want to share with you, so you can see how I set goals and how many get done (or don't get done) and be transparent.

The kids are at school today and I promised them we'd go out to dinner tonight. I've been craving a good old fashioned Fish Fry (it's a midwest thing).  So we're gonna go do dinner and then come back and play Super Mario Kart on the Wii (one of my favorites!). My son is a little obsessed with it, so we're gonna rock it out tonight and just have a fun night. But before we do that, I wanted to share my goals and give you a little behind the scenes.

After reviewing, next month when I create my goals for the month, I might give a reason why I'm doing each one, I didn't do that this time, I'll think about it.

February Goals + Intentions

Let's just dive right into my goals for this month. Starting next month, I think I'm gonna review the goals from the previous month and share which ones get done and which ones don't get done.

Watch the video with my goals here:

Here is a quick paraphrasing the goals too.


  1. Workout 3-4x a week
  2. Read 3 books (I've already finished one)
  3. DeClutter our house (I'm starting tonight)


  1. Daily reading with the kids
  2. Shutting down computer at 3pm
  3. Two date nights with my hubby


  1. Blog post weekly
  2. 8 YouTube videos
  3. Finish FB Ads Funnels
  4. Spend 1-2 hours learning about other paid advertising areas

I'll be honest. The hardest part of me hitting my goals is taking the time to rock them when I'm doing client work. My goal is to be done with work by the time I pick up the kids from school, so if my day is filled with client calls and DFY (done for you Facebook Ads) then when I pick up the kids, I have nothing left to give my business and that is something that is changing this year.

It's gonna be slow and steady but I'm meant to share something bigger. I've been sitting with it and really tuning into it and I'm not 100% sure what it is yet, but I do know that God/Source/Whatever you call it, is speaking to me. I feel my voice rising. I've always been afraid of what people think of me, I've always been a people pleaser but there is this inner voice telling me to speak more, to create some sort of change. I just have to listen a little more to understand. Hopefully I don't sound like I'm a few french fries short of a happy meal, but it's coming.

Anyway, do you look at your 90 day goals and break them down into monthly or weekly goals? If so, what are your February goals?

Share them in the comments below!

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