I feel like this year is going by WAY faster than it’s supposed to be. I’m here to share my July Goals with you today and review what I did/didn’t do in June. Let me just tell you… I bit off more than I could chew… I had surgery in June (at the beginning of June) and I thought I’d bounce right back, but that wasn’t the case at all.

It took a little while for me to get back up and running and while I “rested,” I basically worked from bed which was my own fault.

Anyway, I’m feeling so much better this month and a bit more ready to tackle things. Once I realized that I wasn’t Wonder Woman, I took a step back and just let myself heal. It has helped a lot!

June Goals Recap


  1. Walking – Done! I’ve been really good about going 3-4x a week. It’s like a release and it allows me to get clear.
  2. Research NeuroScience School/Programs – I decided against this for now. But I did research and I wasn’t able to find any schools locally so I’m going to see if I can find some programs that I feel could be just as good.


  1. Movie Nights –  Our movie nights turned into American Ninja Warrior and Little Big Shot watching.  So while we didn’t technically watch movies, we did have some snuggle time and hung out.
  2. Date Night – Done! We went out with friends for a fun night out!
  3. Read With The Kids – I feel like such a bad mom, we didn’t do nearly as much reading as I wanted to this month. This will be another goal for July with the kiddos.


  1. Email Marketing – Didn’t happen. With surgery, I just put this on the back burner. I absolutely  ActiveCampaign, but I didn’t dive into it at all.
  2. Video – I recorded one video this month vs the 6 that I wanted to. Back to the drawing board!
  3. Q3 Goals – Yes, these got done!

I love looking at what I accomplish because I feel like I don’t accomplish much BUT then I look and I see that I accomplished more than I thought I did!

Let’s look at my July Goals and what I want to accomplish.

July Goals

This month our life is basically baseball. Cam has 2 tournaments + playoffs so I’m not overextending myself.

I’m realizing that sometimes I do the opposite of what I really want to do. Last summer I took a lot of the summer off to be with the kids. This summer, it hasn’t really felt like I’ve had any time off between client work and running around for baseball.

So… instead of launching 2 big things like I was planning (My Cozy Entrepreneur Box + My High End Mastermind). I stopped them. I’m focusing on client work and writing and I’ll get to them when I get to them.

It hit me that my kids are only


  1. 2x HIIT Training – I have Beachbody On Demand and they have videos that are 25 minutes or less in some of their programs. So on top of my walking, I’d love to incorporate these to start building muscle
  2. Manifesting Course – I have 2 courses on this and I want to start going through the program again.
  3. Sleep – I want 8 hours of sleep a night! Before I was going to bed by 10pm and waking up with 8 hours of sleep. I’ve found that I’ve been majorly dragging ass without my full 8 hours of sleep.


  1. Reading with the kids – This is back on it. My kids are in a dual immersion program and I don’t want them to lose everything they’ve learned because of me being lazy, so I want them to read to me in Spanish 3 – 4x a week
  2. Review our finances – I like doing this every once in awhile just to make sure no medical bills are slipping through the cracks or anything like that.
  3. Date Night – Chad and I need to do more date nights per month, but I’ll settle for one per month in the summer.


  1. Videos – Now that I’m feeling better I have a feeling I’m going to be doing more videos just because I’ve had some realizations. Video is going to be a big part of my marketing plan for the future, especially live video.
  2. Email – I am going from not emailing for months to weekly and then to 2-3x a week. I’m starting (hello, I’m a LOT behind lol) to see the power of email marketing and I want to build out relationships with the people who follow me.

Not really balls to the wall, but enough to keep me busy for sure.

Some other things I’m planning to do this month that aren’t on my goals list but more of To-Dos:

  • Clean up my Pinterest boards
  • Write for my passion blog (this is where I’ll be sharing more personal goals, family videos, recipes, etc)
  • Ads to a program I’ll be launching in Sept. It’s a high end program, so it will be an opt-in to a 25 minute video and then to book a call with me.
  • Start revamping my Facebook Ads Course – I’ll be adding in some retargeting videos, custom conversions, etc.
  • Weekly Blog Posts – My end result with this is to actually email these out to my list with Call To Actions at the end of each one

What are your goals for July?

PS – If you’re ready to scale and you’re looking for a program that gives you training, hand hold and access to me, My Cozy Hustle 9 month Mastermind is launching in Sept and I’m accepting applications and meetings now. Book a call HERE to see if we mesh well together!

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