It’s halfway through the year… have you done everything you’ve wanted to do? Not me, I’ve still got so much to do!  So I’m really excited to share June goals with you!

And I’m writing this in bed because I just had surgery yesterday. I’m doing my best to relax but it’s really hard to sit still for me. My husband was not impressed.  I could not fall asleep for the life of me and I was up and down which I shouldn’t have been since I had surgery on my stomach.

Anyway, I’ll be doing my best to take it easy over the next week. I don’t have any calls scheduled but I do want to get some writing done for my courses and for blog posts.

Let’s take a peek at what I did in May.

Review Of May Goals


  1. Workout 4-5x A Week – I stopped this at the beginning of the month because I had a client launch and it was a bit more
    Let's look at my June Goals and review what I did in May to see what I got done and didn't get done.
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    time consuming than I thought it would be. So I let it go for the first few weeks and then I started doing it again.
  2. Read daily – I read more this month than I did in April, but definitely not daily. I’ve listened to my neurogym programming quite a bit though too (which isn’t reading but it helps me reboot my mind for sure)
  3. Eat lunch – I was MUCH better with this in May. I didn’t eat every day, but I doubled the days I did in April so this was definitely a success.


  1. Spend technology free time with the kids every day – We definitely did this. I got outside with Cam more and threw the ball around. We read and went to Wisconsin Dells and went to a water park. It was nice to connect with them more.
  2. Fun Fam Trip – Done. We had such a great time. We went with another family and it was awesome hanging out with them and seeing the kids on go water rides.  


  1. FB Funnel Emails – This did not get done. I had 2 launches in May and I put myself on the back burner.
  2. Video – Still resistant. Not sure why but this is something that needs to change STAT.

So I did OKAY in May. Obviously, I need to improve a lot but with how much that’s been going on, I am very happy with what I got done.


2017 June Goals + Intentions

Once I recover from surgery, I really want to go to hard. While I am writing this from bed, I do know that I will take it easy because I have a big vision for the rest of the year. So let’s take a peek at what my June goals are.


  1. Walking – As I mentioned, I had surgery and so I don’t foresee me lifting heavily or running for the next two weeks, so I want to continue to walk once I’m able to stand up on my own and just make sure to keep my body moving.
  2. Research NeuroScience School/Programs – I am thinking about going back to school. I am finding the brain and productivity really fascinating right now. I need to research what schools are local that have specific neuroscience programs.


  1. Movie Nights –  I love movie nights with the kids and this is the perfect way for me to recover and just relax without having to push myself.
  2. Date Night – This is already done. We went on a date night last weekend with our friends. I was going a bit crazy with the kids and I told my hubby and bestie I needed a night out. So we went out to dinner, listened to Irish Music and danced. It was what I needed!
  3. Read With The Kids – The kids joined our library’s summer reading program and they got their slips today, so we will be reading like crazy this summer. They are both so excited!


  1. Email Marketing – I absolutely love ActiveCampaign and I want to start utilizing my list so much more! They are just as good as Infusionsoft (especially with automation) without the hefty price tag. My goal with them is to start emailing my lists 2 – 3x per week, but not necessarily selling every single time. I really want to build a relationship and a foundation with them.
  2. Video – This is going to stay on my to-do list until it gets done. I want to do 6 videos this month. My goal is to really focus on using these videos to retarget.
  3. Q3 Goals – July marks the start of Quarter 3 and I need to get my tooshie moving on what I want to accomplish this second half of the year. I’ll create this and share it with you when it is done.

I feel like this is pretty doable especially given that my “recovery time” is around two weeks. As I’m writing this, I’m on day 2 of recovery time and I still feel pretty horrible, but baby steps… and consistency!

What are your goals for June? Are you feeling good about the mid year check in? I think I’ll write a separate blog post around my mid year check in too.

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