I did much better in February than I did in January as far as hitting my goals. February was for me to get grounded I think and really understand how I want to set up this year. It’s all about ease and grace this year without the overwhelm or stress (like most of my previous years have been).

Each month I’ll review my goals from the previous month so you can see what I did or did not get done and you get a realistic view.  I love seeing behind the scenes and understanding the why behind things.

Let’s take a peek at what happened with my February Goals before we dive into my March Goals.

February Goals Outcome

My personal goals:

  1. Workout 3-4x a week — This didn’t get done.
  2. Read 3 books (I've already finished one) – I finished 2 books (Ask Your Guides + The Undomesticated Goddess)
  3. DeClutter our house (I'm starting tonight) – We’ve not decluttered all but we’ve gotten A LOT done. And I started painting our hallway upstairs and I really like the color so I’m gonna paint the kitchen the same color too.

My family goals:

  1. Daily reading with the kids — We did this mostly except on weekends
  2. Shutting down computer at 3pm – I did this 90% of this month
  3. Two date nights with my hubby – We got one date night in for a wedding we attended this month

My business goals:

  1. Blog post weekly – I did 3 weeks out of 4 which isn’t bad at all!
  2. 8 YouTube videos – I recorded 4 videos which is still more than I normally do 🙂 So I’m improving!
  3. Finish FB Ads Funnels – I got this 90% done. I need to add in a few more videos
  4. Spend 1-2 hours learning about other paid advertising areas – This was done!

I’m pretty pleased with what I got done this month considering Greenlee has dance and gymnastics and Cameron has had baseball and basketball activities.

March is all about getting shit done for me. I had a big aha around being visible. Even though I’ve managed a ton of 6 figure launches with Facebook Ads and a lot of 5 figure launches too, I just wasn’t showing my confidence and my expertise and by moving myself to be more visible, I’m going to build up my confidence and stop really caring about what others think of me.

I’m owning my presence and my gifts and if you resonate with me, fabulous and if you don’t, that’s okay too 🙂

Take a peek at the video below and my March Goals 🙂

March Goals + Intentions


  1. Workout 4x a week – This is a total must for me. When I fall out of a habit, it is so hard for me to get back into it and I NEED to move my body again in order for me to take care of myself
  2. Declutter books and paper – I’m focusing on one or two things this month and we have a LOT of it. My hubby is decluttering our basement so hopefully we can get down to the nitty gritty
  3. Review all old invoices, medical bills, etc.  This is a system I need to create for us. I have a Google Spreadsheet for all of our monthly costs and my business costs, but I don’t account for any old medical or extras, so I need to make sure we are up to date with everything since we are buying a house this year.


  1. Short family vacation – The kids have spring break so I want us to go somewhere fun, just not sure where yet
  2. One date night with hubby – This month I’m going to San Diego for Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy Live so I’ll be gone for 5 days and then the kids have Spring Break at the end of this month. AND his best friend has his bachelor party the weekend after I get back (which is also our daughter’s birthday weekend), so spending one on one time might just be after the kids are in bed.
  3. Have a girl’s day with Greenlee for her birthday. She’s been asking to go to the American Girl Doll store, so I’ll have to see if there is one local to us.


  1. 12 videos (between YouTube + FB Live)
  2. 5 Blog Posts – Focusing on Marketing + Habits/Rituals
  3. Create new freebie – The freebie will go with a program I’ll be creating within the next month or two, but I’d love to test out offers to see which one resonates with my ideal client.
  4. Host 2 longer FB Lives on my business page – One talking about marketing and one talking about habits + productivity

There you have my March Goals.

I have lots of stuff going on this month. One thing I did want to mention though is that each of my business tasks will have to do with a product I’m creating. Or I'll be sending them to work with me as a coach.

Things that don’t do this, aren’t on my radar.  My goal for 2017 is tribe building and building out my coaching practice (including my group coaching program).

This year I have one thing I’m ready to do things differently and I’m ready to

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