This is my year of transparency and common sense-ness.

I’m not about doing work that doesn’t get results anymore and I want to share with you how I plan on bringing in new revenue and marketing my business.

One thing I’ve seen so many times, especially with my coaching clients is the fear around marketing and selling their business.  And I’ve coached them through being okay with paid advertising, I realized I wasn’t putting myself out there as much as I could be, so this year it’s totally different!

I’m extremely ready to share the nuts and bolts of marketing, personal development and a little woo with you, so that’s what I’m gonna do and I’m happy you’re here.

2017 Marketing Plan

My marketing plan has 3 end results:

  1. To ignite or trigger people to action, awareness and growth (for themselves and their business).  I really just want to light a fire under your ass. I want to create change in 1,000 people’s lives in 2017 through the content I create and working with me.
  2. To add the right people to my list
  3. To break even on my paid advertising campaign (or even make a profit)

With most people in the online industry, they tend to just market around their launch and that is one of the MOST RIDICULOUS things you could do.

I don’t see Nike just marketing their business when a new pair of Jordans come out. McDonald’s markets year round too (even though damn near everyone knows who they are). If I want to turn my business into a mid six-figure to seven figure business, it’s all about consistency and contribution.

My goal with my marketing plan is to get out there more, be more visible and active.

With that said, let’s jump into blog posting.

Content Creation – Blog Posting

My goal for my blog posts are to write a weekly one for a total of 52 blog posts.

Topics are going to include:

  • Facebook Ad Marketing (obviously) + Funnel Building
  • Personal Development + Self-Growth
  • Goal Setting
  • Rituals/Routine Building
  • Bringing spirituality + transparency into your business

I will most likely not shy too far away from those main bullet points. I really want to deep dive into getting you to question why you do the things you do and if they are helping you evolve as a person, grow your business or get your message out.

And if it doesn’t, how we can eliminate it. My goal is to be your Marketing + Life Strategist. As some would say, “a transformational coach.” But that just doesn’t vibe with me, so I’m not sure what I’ll title me other than, “Let’s get shit done together and do it from a place of alignment and with productivity.” Boom.

Also, as soon as I have my free offers updated and done, every single blog post, video, etc will have a Call To Action at the end. Creating content just for fun isn’t on my agenda. It’s to serve and should always have some sort of end result.

Video Creation

YouTube & Facebook Live are my jam. My goal with videos are actionable and interactive tips.  When I do a video, again, there is a purpose for it except for my passion project, which I’ll go into now.

So last year I started a podcast, it was my baby, but something still felt off.  I still don’t know what felt off, but when I was at a Mastermind weekend in May of last year, my coach said, “Shay, you’re an Edutainer, you need to be on video and you need to fine tune your delivery.”

For those of you that know me up close and personal know that I’m sincere, sarcastic, spiritual and a bit dramatic which turns into good video, especially when I’m on a roll.

Side note: My goal is to do video interviews for a segment I’m going to call “Shay’s Soul Sessions.”  It’s going to be similar to a podcast, but it will be video interviews that I do with some of the real deal people in business.

I'm going deep into what my 2017 marketing plan is. I hope this helps you to get started with yours if you haven't yet.
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Facebook Ads

My goal is to really up my paid advertising game this year. Every month I will have some sort of Facebook Ad going to bring in more traffic to my Facebook business page and to my website (perfect for retargeting).

Let me share the numbers with you:

$1,000 in ad spend a month. That is around $30 per day.

I’m breaking it down like this:

  • $3/day is a like campaign – clients get less expensive leads from warmer traffic (yes, even FB like campaigns)
  • $5/day is a blog article (sending traffic back to my website)
  • $22/day Lead Magnet

With the $22 per day for my Lead Magnet, $5/day of that will be retargeting people who’ve come to my website or who is a Facebook Fan but who haven’t signed up for one of my lead magnet

For my lead magnets, my goal is to bring in 500 new people on my list (through ads and organically).

My Lead Magnets will be:

  • Facebook Ads Guide (however, I’ll be turning this into a video and upselling my course I’m finishing up for $147).
  • Master Your Day video series (no upsell yet – but will be an email series leading people to work one on one with me).

Side note: I might test out Instagram ads and Pinterest ads.

One thing I’ve also been percolating on is local 3 hour workshops, so I might do extra ads for local people.  This is still up in the air and won’t be a part of the plan, but wanted to share.

Social Media Marketing

I’m not going to be posting to every single social network out there. It just ain’t happening.

I’m focusing on 3 places:

  • Facebook – grow to 10,000 likes
  • Instagram – grow to 2,500 followers
  • YouTube – grow to 1,000 followers (this is the one that scares me the most)

Pinterest will be a secondary social platform – simply for traffic alone. When I was a social media manager, we grew one of my clients to over 15,000 Pinterest followers and they were getting 10 – 15,000 hits a day to their website. So while I’m not focusing on this one, I’ll post all of my blog posts and videos to Pinterest and I’ll sporadically clean up my Pinterest board since it has all of my old website links on it.

My 3 main ones are the closest to relationship building I can get and I’m not going to waste time with the others.

  • Facebook – We’ll be posting 2  – 4 times a day with content, quotes and call to actions.
  • Instagram – I’d love to get 5 posts scheduled to go out a day.  When I’m posting fairly regularly growing my audience has been fairly easy.
  • YouTube – I’ll be posting 2 videos a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Tuesdays will be marketing days and Fridays will be all about personal development, goal setting and interviews I’d love to host.


I have an insane fear around webinars, so I want to ease into these. I think I’m gonna start these informally with no real selling other than pointing to a course already created (without a hard sell) or booking a free clarity session with me to work together.

Course Creation + Passive Income

I plan on finishing up my Facebook Ads course and then like I said above, I’ll be selling this on autopilot (aka passively). I don’t know if the funnel will be perfect right out the gate, but I plan on reviewing, tweaking and making changes as needed as I build out my funnel.

I also have been craving creating something around Mastering Your Day.  I already have most of it mapped out and I did a 5 day challenge before that I will just re-record the videos and update the worksheets and then sell it.

My goal with passive income is $7,000 per month by the end of 2017. This means that it will run without me doing much to it (other than updating the FB course when Facebook makes changes).

This would cover our business costs and our personal costs. That means Chad’s jobs check and my coaching work would go towards investments, paying down my ridiculous amount of student loans and savings for our house (or building our dream home and buying a cabin up north).


So I took you on a long journey through my marketing and a little of the mindset around it too. I hope this was really helpful for you and it gives you some ideas or gets the juices going.

I know when I see behind the scenes from my coach, I always have some sort of aha around my business.

Do you have your marketing plan in place?  What are some of your big goals for 2017?

Share in the comments below!

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