Normally I am heading into my down time, but this year it’s been hella busy, so my May Goals are gonna look a bit different.  I’m grateful for it. However, when it gets busy, I put my health and fitness on the backburner and of course, that is what happened this month.

I have 2 client launches (2 of my biggest clients this month  – over $30k combined ad spend) and so I have to preserve my energy for it because while it’s a lot of Power Editor/Ads Manager stuff, it’s a lot of energy that comes into these.  I bless and set intentions for every campaign I create because it is imperative to success for me.

With all of that said, I’m way behind on my goals, but here I am, still putting them up, even if they are a little late. Done is better than perfect, right?

So I’m gonna jump right into my April’s review.

April Review


  1. Whole Food Meals – We did a lot of whole food meals, this one was a success.
  2. Declutter Kitchen & Office – I’ve done a great job with this, but we still have so much more to do.
  3. Up My Protein – I did this, but not as much as I liked. I’ve definitely got way more protein in April than I did probably in Jan – March. But I’d like to get used to one or two protein shakes a day.


  1. Date Night With Each Kid – I didn’t have “real” date nights, but I did spend time with the kids one on one, which was nice.
  2. Date Night With Chad – I think we did have a date night. It feels like so long ago.
  3. Get Outside 2x A Week – This is done just with baseball alone. But I’ve gone for tons of walks too.


  1. 5 Blog Posts – I got 3 or 4 done, so not as many as I liked but still I got some in 🙂
  2. Social Media For Subscription Box – I outsourced this to my SMM Jill and she’s posting a few times a week.
  3. 8 videos (YouTube + FB) – I don’t think I did any videos, so fail.
  4. Finish Q2 Mapping – Done.

May Goals


  1. Workout 4-5x A Week – I can notice a HUGE difference on the days I move my body and on the days that I don’t. I want
    I love sharing behind the scenes of my monthly goals and what actually gets done. Here are my May Goals + April review!
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    to do 2 longer workouts (40+ minutes) and 2 shorter workouts (20 minutes).
  2. Read daily – I have slacked on this quite a bit and so I think I need to change up my bedtime routine to include reading again.
  3. Eat lunch – I’ve not done the best with lunchtime… I usually work through lunch and then I’m starving by dinner time. So I’d love to have a protein shake or a protein filled lunch.


  1. Spend technology free time with the kids every day – I read this article and it made me realize how un-present I am with the kids.  I’d like to do a much better job of being present and engaged with them.
  2. Fun Fam Trip – I’m taking the kids to Wisconsin Dells for Memorial Day weekend with friends. Chad will meet us up there for a night.  We’ll do waterparks and hang out and the kids will have a great time!


  1. FB Funnel Emails – I went to a mastermind in Iowa City with 3 other beautiful ladies and I mapped out my emails that will go with my FB Ads Funnel, now I need to type them up and get the automation going for them.
  2. Video – I have SO MUCH RESISTANCE around this. I do not know why.  I’m pretty good with it and as I do it more, I get better. Yet, I’m so afraid of it. I want to do 5 videos and get them out there and scheduled over the next 2 weeks.

My goals are a bit lighter this month because of client launching and I’m okay with that. I want to have more ease and grace. This is what feels good to me.

What are your goals for this month? Share them below!

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