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If you told me this year would go as fast as it did, I would tell that you’re a few french fries short of a happy meal.

But here we are… in October and I’m just now getting to writing my goals. Today the weather is beautifully chilly and I have a scrumptious belgian waffle candle lit in my office.  The windows are open and I am absolutely in my bliss. The fall chill is finally here in Wisconsin, our high for today was 61. It’s the perfect day for a sweater.   

Quick Updates

I’ve got some fun new updates for you.

Starting at the beginning of the year, I’m going to be sharing my income report on products (not on DFY  + Coaching) and I’m going to be sharing pictures of traffic to my website too!

This is something bloggers do, but what I want to do as I’m changing my vibe and how I interact with you is to give you the behind the scenes info that I know I wanted.

Another update is that I’m going to be sharing how I plan my meals each week, diving more into spirituality and really building a “connected” business vs. just all business all the time.

This isn’t the norm, but one thing I’ve learned is that I’ve never been normal and I bang my drum differently than most.

And finally, I’m going to start doing weekly office hours. But it won’t be a full hour lol. It will be at 1pm CST. This will start in 2 weeks on Wednesday Nov. 1st.  Let me know if there are any particular topics you want to talk about.

Topics I’ll be starting with:

  • Embracing your unique self in your business
  • How to market from a place of alignment
  • Managing your schedule + including self-care
  • Meal prepping – how to make sure that you’re nourished while building your life + biz

Truth: I’ve been trying to figure out how to get more personal for a long time. I was going to do two separate pages but that’s too exhausting for me. We’re also building out a Subscription Box & an eCommerce store and so my (and my team’s) time is really valuable. It’s all gonna go under my name, for now.

If there are other things you want to see, let me know.  My goal is to help you build a life and biz that is designed by you and aligned with you.

And for me, that means being different than most. Hell, I might even share a recipe now and then…

I know, scandalous, right? LOL.

Let’s jump in and take a peek at last month’s goals.

September Goals Recap


  1. Bills/Finance  –  Outside of a few medical bills and my student loans, we are on time with everything. I think I’m just going to automate everything because we pay a few hundred dollars in late fees each month just because I forget to log in and pay. And my hubby doesn’t like that one bit.
  2. Workouts 3x a Week – Done.


  1. Homework Routine – This isn’t perfect, but we’re getting better.
  2. Date Night – I don’t think we actually had a night out last month. Chad went out with a couple friends for his birthday and I stayed home with the kids. We’ve been super busy and didn’t make each other a priority.


  1. Funnel Setup – We started to set it up in OntraPort, but honestly, I really disliked OntraPort, so I went back to ActiveCampaign.  It’s easy for me to use and as of right now, scaling is easiest for me with this.  Sign up for a free trial if you want to test it out.
  2. Video + Audio – I created more videos last month.
  3. Content Upgrades – I’ve created one content upgrade, woot woot!

I’d say for us getting back into the school groove of things, this was a success.

October Goals, Intentions + Feelings

One thing I’d like to do is create a space for myself to feel the things I need to  feel while also getting shit done.

For this month, I want to focus on feeling ease, connection + laughter. I’m not sure if laughter is a feeling, but I want to laugh more and have fun this month.  Towards the end of this month, my favorite time of year starts. It’s Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas and so I’ll be in my happy place until the end of the year.

Do you have a favorite time of year that brings your happy place? Share in the comments below!

A look into my October Goals and how I did back in September.
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Let’s jump into my goals!


  • Date night with hubby – I NEED a night out and a girls weekend but a girls weekend isn’t in my future, so I will take a night out with my man.  I think we might get one in a few weeks for a Halloween party 🙂
  • Figure out lunches – I’ve been doing REALLY well fitness wise but one thing I haven’t been great with is lunch meals. I tend to go out to eat and so I want to at least figure out homemade meals (that aren’t sandwiches or salads) that are easy for me to create.
  • Declutter – So I have probably over 200 books and 50 3 ring binders. What can I say?  I love learning! My goal is to get rid of 50 books. And not necessarily get rid of, but maybe send them out to clients or friends and pay it forward.


  1. Pumpkin carving – so this was done! Woot woot! We had such a great time. I love my little family!
  2. Reading – I love reading with the kids. I’d like to read with them everyday including the weekends. Okay, let’s be realistic… 75% of the time.


  1. Website Copy – I hired someone amazing to redo my website and I need to get the copy written before our week starts in Nov. so this is a priority.
  2. Map out new offers – By March of 2018 I’ll be significantly reducing my Facebook Ads Management and when I had my amazing Akashic Records read by Priscilla Stephan, it was really clear to me that I needed more offerings of people to have access to me whether that’s group or one on one. So I need to map that out.

While this might not look like a lot, it feels really heavy to me and I need to dive into how I want to show up and serve. My initial archetypes were Princess, Warrior and Magician  and as I’m owning my truth, I’m moving more into the Priestess which is more of the truth telling and action taking.  And so I want to sit with how I can bring more of that into my offerings and my business.

Ooo… I was very wordy today, huh? I guess it all needed to come out.

What are your goals for this month? I’d love to hear! Share in the comments below.

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