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If I’m being honest, 2019 kicked my ass. I’ve felt more emotion in 2019 than I probably did the previous 5 years. And I don't think I hit hardly any of my goals from last year.

Normally I set a ton of “tangible” on paper goals but I forget to dive into the feelings I want to feel and how I want to make others feel.

Of course, I will still set tangible business goal and personal goals – we want to pay off some bills and either buy/build a house (there is a whole post that should be dedicated house shopping with your hubby)….

But in 2020, for me, after having one of the craziest, emotional years this past year – it's time for me to really focus on how I want to feel and to teach my kids how to set goals that align with who they are and how they are designed.

What does that mean for the goals? It means more of how I want to feel and how I want to show up.

I took a Transformational Coaching Program (TCP) by Jim Fortin this past fall/winter and it changed who I am at the core.

I realize that the only person responsible for me is me.  And I’m starting to share that with the kids too. I’d rather them look internally so they can see what needs to be changed versus pointing the blame on other people (which I see so many parents teaching their kids).

If I want to make the world a better place, if I want to raise children that make the world a better place it really starts with me and I want to share some of the goals and vision of my 2020 with you on how I’m going to accomplish all of that.

How I’m setting up my goals this year is that I will have 3 MAIN themes for my year and then I will set some general goals in 4 areas (personal, business & financial and family).  

My 3 Main Goals:

  1. Judge Less – Give more grace to others and myself
  2. Prioritize My Energy
  3. Take Care of My Health & Body

I create a FB video around this, you can take a peek at that below:

You see that I’ve never really taken the time to put my energy and myself first and I didn’t think it was important for the longest time. This past year I realized by putting myself last, it actually didn’t help me get anywhere near my goals. And I wasn’t as present as I could have been. 

Okay, with ALL of that said, because I’m a talker… Let’s jump into my goals for this year.

2020 Business & Personal Goals


  • Spend 1- 2 hours alone each week. In the TCP course that I took I realize I tend to fill my time and not give myself time to be alone with myself. And I’m not talking about watching a movie or reading a book, I’m talking about legit being with myself whether it’s through meditation or silence or even just being in nature, I need to connect with myself in order for me to connect with God and even with myself.
  • Reading at least 20 minutes a day.  This past year I wanted to read a set number of books but I realized, that’s not a goal I’ve normally hit. Instead of picking 25 or 30 books, I’m going to equate reading with a specific amount of time. 
  • Move my body daily – Even on the days when I’m not doing an extensive or HIIT workout, I want to do pilates or stretching.  Taking care of my body starts with the habit of movement everyday.

Family & Marriage

Besides my health, my family is another priority this year.  I want to be more present with the kids this year. They are getting older and I want to do way more experiences and honestly, get to know them better. Here are my goals for my family & marriage:

  • 3 Family Trips.  One of our trips will be around Christmas. My husband and I decided buying “things” for the kids and each other just won’t work. We want to go on more experiences with the kids. Giving them a glimpse into the world is the best gift we could give them. We will be taking them on a surprise trip once they are done with school this summer. We’re also going to rent a cabin in late summer too. So we have our 3 trips kind of mapped out. 
  • Weekly Game Nights – we got a ping pong table, Pictionary Air and a bunch of other games for the holidays. I want to put them to good use
  • Monthly Date Nights with each kid. I feel like we don’t get enough time alone with each kid. This is something I want us to do so they see and understand what undivided attention and being truly present means. 
  • Date Nights twice a month. With our date nights though, I don’t want it to be just dinner and movie, I want us to explore, become kids again and get out of our comfort zones. I want us to do axe throwing, escape rooms, seeing bands, etc.
  • 3 Couples Trips – We’re going to Mexico this month to celebrate my birthday (I’m turning 35!) and we will probably do Vegas again in October. So we will have to plan a smaller longer weekend away sometime in between there too.


  • Get my FB Ads Course Funnel together
  • I have a Monthly Membership that will go over: goal setting, time management, marketing, habit creation, etc. I want to get the funnel for that up and running by Feb. 15th and then make tweaks to it through the end of March so that it’s dialed in by April.

I don’t have huge business goals but it’s more along the lines of consistency for me. And if I can get these 2 funnels up and running and start building better relationships with you, I know my business will move forward.


  • Add an additional 2 months of monthly costs to savings.
  • Max out my 401K. I’ve not been consistent with this and I have some lofty goals around retirement and investing. So being more present and adding more in on the months I get extra income

These are my base goals – but as I go through the year, I will be setting weekly goals too. I’d love to hear what your goals are for this year.

What are you looking forward to creating? How will you make this year different/better than the previous years?

2020 Business goals
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