I've started looking at what it takes to be really successful, but not in a sense of having a lot of money, but in a sense of managing myself, creating a business of my dream I’m going to talk to you today about three habits of really successful entrepreneurs, really successful CEOs, businesspeople, and just a lot stuff I’ve seen time and time again that these people do, including me.

My goal is to be highly, highly successful, even more so than I am. And one thing that I noticed is that these habits are so imperative to moving yourself forward, and even when you’re, like, trying to get out of a rut, trying to get out of that blah mindset, you know, doing this—doing these three things really helps. Let's jump right in!

3 Habits Of Highly Successful CEOs & Entrepreneurs

Having A Morning Routine

And in my morning routine includes writing what I’m grateful for, reading, journaling and looking and really feeling gratitude for my vision board and what I want to create with my life.  It also includes visualization, meditation and I exercise a bit later. The kids are home in the morning and I don't really want to risk waking them up at 5 – 6am.  They don't really need to get up until 6:30 or 7am for school during the week, so I'll just exercise a bit later.

To review, my morning routine includes:

  • Reading
  • Journaling
  • Visualization
  • Meditation
  • Gratitude
  • Exercise – later in the day

One of my favorite things is the gratitude. Like, really feeling into the gratitude. That’s not something that I tend to think about throughout the day, so making sure I really get that in the beginning of the day really sets the tone for how I’m going into the rest of the day.

Shutting The Computer Down & Taking Time

One thing I'm working on, which I'm totally not perfect at is shutting down (that means my computer, phone, etc.). Although with breaking my phone and waiting on the new one to arrive, it has been so much easier for me to just shut down, especially at bed time!  When I get that down time, I come back revitalized – I have ideas and I keep a notebook on my nightstand, in my office, in my purse, etc.  It helps me to be able to write things down as I get that spark of creativity. 

Do you shut down regularly?  Daily? I find that the meditation helps a lot too!

Plan Your Day The Night Before

So what I do, before I go to bed, I write down everything I need to get done the next day in journal.  I'll write down any to-dos, appointments, things I didn't get done, etc.  It helps to keep me clear in the morning and it allows me not to really be in my own head.  If I want to, I can prioritize each item the night before or I can wait to do that in the morning depending on how many tasks and client work that I need to get done. 

These are the three things that I have done and I've researched and found other super successful entrepreneurs doing as well.  You know, there are more things that you can incorporate but I'd start with one or two so that you're not overwhelming yourself.  

Share what you do to take action and create your successful business in the comments below! 

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