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Like every business owner (especially the serious ones), around this time of year, you are probably giving your business a serious look over.

Not just a quick glance or once over but the kind where you dig deep into your business and what happened last year.

You’re looking over your accomplishments and your losses. And reviewing your launches (or lack of launches)  that were successful and the ones that were just… meh.

You’re looking at your product/program offerings wondering if they fit or don’t. You review the clients that practically gave you life and the ones that almost took it (thank god I only had 2 of those last year). Even analyzing the strategies that helped to produce real profit for your biz versus the ones that turned out to be a major expense.

All in all, you’re looking at what worked, what didn’t and what you need to bring with you into the New Year; 2018.

For me and my clients, one of the most important aspects of this review is all about the marketing…

You see, marketing is one of the best investments you can make into your business if done correctly (and with testing). Marketing leads to sales conversations which leads to sales.

And last year for my clients what appeared to work REALLY WELL for them and their marketing efforts was Facebook Ads Marketing.

Obviously, this isn’t the ONLY thing that my clients did, but this was one major aspect of their marketing strategy. Not their whole marketing strategy.

They paired Facebook Ads with utilizing Facebook Lives, Email Marketing, Facebook Groups and more (depending on the client).

But when done the right way, Facebook Ads  can be one of the most effective (and might I add profitable) marketing tools in your toolkit. Something you’ll surely want to bring with you into 2018.

3 Easy Tips To Implement With Facebook Ads Marketing

Know Your Strategy With Facebook Ads

It is absolutely not enough just to create an ad for the sake of creating an ad.

  • What is the end result you want to accomplish with each ad?
  • Will you use them primarily to generate leads, to sell low end products, to share free content, to get people on your LIVES?

How will you use them? It’s important to get clear on this before you take the next step.

Not just understanding how you will use them, but once you get that lead or video view… what is next? Do you have emails set up to build that relationship with them so they get to know you and trust that you can give them value? (We’ll talk more about this below)

Know Your Audience

Although Facebook Ads can be useful for bringing in fresh leads and reaching cold markets, it’s most effective with warm audiences.

With cost per lead rising a little bit, it’s important to warm them up too! I’ll create another post on that down the road, but for the 10,000 foot overview, take a peek at this video I did on how to warm up your audience to reduce your cost per lead.

Of course, some cold traffic will be instantly attracted you to and will buy, but 90% of the time, it’s warm traffic who has been through a webinar, challenge, email series, etc that has connected with you and you’ve made them feel something and want to work with you.  

Creating custom audiences around these groups will help generate more clicks and better conversions.  In the video I shared above, I talk about 3 ways easy ways to warm up your traffic too.

Oh mylanta! I’m sure you’ve heard this before but when it comes to FB ads, getting your audience right could mean the difference between

It's simple to create a Facebook Ad, but to create Facebook Ads that get you results, you need to know a few things before you get started. Let me share some of those key insights with you!
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potential clients primed to say HELL YES and those you have to convince (ugh)!

Know Where They Will Go

For Facebook Ads that you’re sending people to a landing page or something on your website,. It’s sooo important (hint: take notes) to make the transition as smooth as possible from Facebook to your website.

Hold the phone though, there’s more to this than you think.  There are some ads where you’ll send people to blog posts, video views, etc. For the sake of knowing where they'll go, we'll specifically talk about getting people to sign up for your list. I’ll be going more into those types of ads in a different article.

Now let’s get back to landing pages. If you’re not sending them to a landing page that’s congruent with the Ad, you may still lose out. So, here is where a little bit of copying will actually go a loonnngg way AND it saves you extra work.

When creating ads, you want to make sure that they know it’s still the same place when they click off to your landing page.  So using the same colors, the same fonts, imagery will make sure they feel it’s congruent. They want to know they are still interacting with the same brand, with you.

They clicked because you got their attention. Now, you have to keep it, right!

Sooo… yeah. I know this will be helpful for you as you are building out your marketing strategy for 2018. Remember what you want your end goals to be and how you want your clients to FEEL when they are interacting with you and your brand.

And using Facebook Ads Marketing can help you increase the speed of getting your ideal client to interact with you.

Need some more guidance on how you can get the most out of your Facebook Ads Marketing strategy this year? No problemo, I’m here!

Schedule a 20 min consultation with me to get clarity on how to set up your strategy.

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