This has been a month! I thought I’d get more time to do things but that wasn’t the case. I’ve been in full blown mom mode with a side of working out. We are doing family pictures (For the first time ever lol – my kids are 6 and almost 8 :/ ) next month and I want to look semi good in the pictures that we take for our family! So I’ve been walking more and doing Beachbody workouts (primarily T-25) more!

I’m not a Beachbody promoter or protein fan (they are gross!), but I LOVE their workouts and I feel it in my arms and legs when I’m done, so I’m gonna continue.  It cost me $99 for the whole year to get access to their whole Beachbody On Demand videos. To me that was a steal!

I’ll share the family pictures next month so you can see us! We’re a cute fam!

Anyway, I didn’t really have too many August goals, but I do want to share! So let’s dive in sugar.

First we’ll start by reviewing my August Goals and then I’ll jump into what I want to accomplish in September!

August Monthly Goals Review


  1. Working out – I’m still rocking this! Done and done baby.
  2. Reading – Yes! Right now I’m loving Brendon Burchard’s, “The Motivation Manifesto” and anything about Human Design.


  1. Bedtime Routine – Done. Well kind of, the kids have been resistant to it. But as I write this, we have 3 days until school starts and we’ve been putting them to bed at a decent hour. For the record, I’m excited about school starting… they are not.
  2. Game Nights – We’ve had game nights, nights out with friends, etc. It’s been a great month!


  1. Finish Two Funnels – Did not get done, but I did purchase OntraPort and Funnel Dash, so there’s going to be some changes. Mid month I knew this was going to happen so I had to put a pause on the email marketing stuff. We go into our onboarding next week, so we will have funnels set up. I did finish my emails though so all we need to do is copy and paste 🙂
  2. Move over tasks from Asana to Teamwork – Done and Done!

It was a good and productive month. What else happened in August? I hired a graphic designer to help me with my blog images, PowerPoint presentations, etc. I also launched my Cozy E Box! It’s my baby! And I’m excited to share it with you.

My end goal with this is to sell it after 3 years and make a HUGE profit. I think it will make a difference in entrepreneurs lives and I’m excited I get to be one of the few paving the way!

Alright, alright, alright… (too bad I don’t sound like Matthew McConaughey when I say that)… let’s jump into September.

What I’m most excited about is that the kids start school and I get soooo much more time back! It feels like I haven’t had enough time. When this is scheduled to post it will be the kids first day of school and I’ll be napping, being so freaken giddy  and maybe overindulging in chocolate because I can.

Okay… let’s see how amazing I want to be in September…

September Monthly Goals + Intentions

How do I want to feel in September?

  • Productive (now that the kiddos are gone for 6.5 hours a day)
  • Abundant
  • Connected

I want to feel connected to myself most of all. I’ve been doing a better job of positive self-talk but I really want to deep dive into that more!

I think the most important thing for me is listening to my body. When my body is telling me it needs sleep, instead of “forcing” myself to stay up and work or do something, I’m going to listen to it.

It’s time for me to really get connected to myself. Our bodies are our temples (I know, cliche) and if I’m not taking the time to truly hear it and talk about listening to it, then I’m setting a bad example to my kids. And I know my kids watch/listen to what I do, not necessarily what I say.

I'm sharing my Monthly Goals with you and a review of what I did last month! Come take a peek!
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  1. Bills/Finance  –  We are in the process of figuring out what it would take for us to build a home and one of the things our guy said is to make sure everything is paid on time and in full. I have some old medical stuff on my credit and I need to get it removed so I need to talk with someone about that.
  2. Workouts 3x a Week – This is for my Beachbody workouts. I’m really good about getting in my walking but I need to focus on muscle building. It’s the fastest way to fat burning and I want to lose weight before our pictures!


  1. Homework Routine – Our kids are in an amazing Dual Immersion program where they are learning Spanish + English from Kindergarten. Both teachers said they are gonna have nightly homework + reading, so I want to get into a routine now so we don’t let it go to the wayside.
  2. Date Night – Chad’s birthday is this month, so we will probably do something for that. Him and Cam are my Virgo people. Are you a virgo?


  1. Funnel Setup – I’m setting my first funnel up in OntraPort. I’m really excited about being with them now
  2. Video + Audio – Yes, this is back. I want to create 4 videos and/or audios over the month of Sept to go with my Content Upgrades.
  3. Content Upgrades – I’ve been going through Melyssa Griffin’s List Surge because I want to do a big list growth push over the next 4 months and I’d like to create 2 Content Upgrades by the end of the month.

Alright.. Those are my September Goals. What are your goals for the month?

I’d also love to know how you structure your monthly goals. I use my monthly goals as a gateway to my 3 month goals.  I’m a big proponent of 90 day goals and one of my favorite books are The 12 Week Year.

They actually have some amazing templates inside the book (they’ll redirect you to them online) so that you can get your goals in order! I think you’ll really like it. And what I did with my goals was make them my own! I customized their plan so that I could work on my plan better.

Anyway, share how you create your goals and what your goals are for September! I’d love to hear them and support you with them! You can share them in the comments below!

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