I know a lot of people aren't sure what tools to use to run their online business, so I've put a list together. Learn what tools I use to run my business here!
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Sometimes I wonder if I’m one of the few people who know that the tools we use are so important to our success… but what’s more important is if those tools empower you.

Recently, I switched from one email marketing tool to another and I HATED it. I had 2 meetings with their team and it just didn’t work. My assistant didn’t like it and I didn’t either. So we went back to what worked for us.

Some might not agree, but fortunately, they run their business their way.  All of that to say, do what works for you and use what works for you. Because if you use tools that don’t help you feel good, guess what? Shit won’t get done. True?

With that said, I wanted to share a video and info on the tools that I use everyday to run my business!

Check that out here:

Tools I Use To Run My Business

You can see the tools that I use to run my business plus bonus tools I didn’t mention in the video too!

Teamwork: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/Teamwork

This is our project management + daily chat tool. I absolutely love it!

I used to use Asana before this and Basecamp before Asana but I needed something where we could build out processes and systems.

This allows you to have conditions and it’s just really advanced. Plus with Asana, whenever I logged into it, I always felt anxious.  I feel much more organized and at peace when I go into Teamwork which is beneficial since I go into it everyday.

ActiveCampaign: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/ActiveCampaign

This is my email marketing tool. I tried out OntraPort and Infusionsoft and I did NOT like either of them. But with ActiveCampaign, it’s so easy for me and/or my assistant to go in and create emails to send out!

And if you’re just starting your business, they have plans that start at $9/month. I definitely suggest this over Mailchimp any day!

Thrive Cart: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/ThriveCart

I’ve used SamCart, OntraPort, Paypal, etc. and I just haven’t been able to find anything that would fit my needs. I let SamCart go and then I came back and to use the affiliate program it bumped up the cost to $199/month… um, hell to the no!

So I wanted to find an option where I could use an affiliate portal and not pay an arm and a leg a month and I found Thrive Cart. It cost me $595 dollar and you know what that gave me? Lifetime access! Not yearly, not monthly, but lifetime!

And there wasn’t a big learning curve with it which is what I like about it. Check it out!  

NeuroGym:  https://www.myneurogym.com/

I attribute my common sense practice and positive attitude to programs like these. John Assaraf and his team has done an amazing job with putting together tools for us to blast through our limiting beliefs and see things differently.

Bonus Tools I Use To Run My Business

SmarterQueue: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/SmarterQueue

I was using MeetEdgar, but $80/month is pretty steep for something I was only using for my FB groups. I looked for a better alternative and I found it with SmarterQueue. It does the same exact thing and guess how much I pay per month? $22 including tax.

What I absolutely LOVE about SmarterQueue is that you get to customize it to your liking if they don’t have a plan that fits you. I wish there were

I love sharing tools I use. I think it helps others see the behind the scenes in businesses. I'm sharing What Tools I'm Using To Run My Business In This Article.
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more softwares like this.

Calendly: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/calendly 

Calendly has been amazing! Incredibly easy to use and so inexpensive! And I've tried so many!

Interact: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/TryInteract

Omg! I’ve been looking for a quiz generator for a while and I finally found one! I’m so pumped. This is an amazing tool for you to test out if you’re looking at creating quizzes for your clients.

LeadPages: https://www.soulfueledlife.com/LeadPages

I use LeadPages to create free offers/opt-ins. The reason I tried OntraPort when I tried it was to get an all in one system. Shopping Cart, Emails, Affiliate + Landing Pages but I realized for me… I just didn’t like how non-user friendly it was for me.

I tried and tried to like. We had multiple meetings with the customer support team to walk us through things but it just didn’t make sense to me, so I stuck with what I know for now.

My optin and thank you pages are made between LeadPages and my Divi Theme on my website.

I probably just gave you information overload and I’m so sorry! But I just wanted to share the tools I use to run my business and what works for me 🙂

What tools do you use to run your business?

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