What does it take to be successful? I've asked this question time and time again. But it's not just me. This is a question that has been asked by people throughout history. While there is no one answer that fits everyone, there are simple habits and rituals that have been shown to help people achieve success. In this article, we will discuss 9 of these habits and rituals. If you want to transform your life, start implementing some of these habits into your daily routine!

The dreams you have are attainable. You just have to set yourself up for that success.

Shape your beliefs, thoughts, and expectations surrounding it positively. You can start by developing habits that will align you with the success you desire. And the dreams you have for your business will soon become your reality.

Rituals fuel our intentions and help us stay focused on what’s important. They remind us of our purpose and keep us accountable to our goals. By creating simple rituals around the things we want to achieve, we increase the likelihood of success.

So if you’re looking to create some positive changes in your life, here is the place to start.

Also, it’s important to remember that these simple rituals and routines may seem “too easy” or what I would say is that they are too common sense.

But remember – sometimes common sense isn't always common practice. And consistency of the “easy” things will create the momentum needed to move forward.

In this article, I'm diving into the 9 simple rituals and habits that will push you forward.

9 Simple Habits & Rituals for Success 


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I share this quote with you to remind you, it's almost ALWAYS easier said than done. If you can think about this from a point of taking small baby steps versus making massive changes immediately, it will help you retrain your mind.

Give yourself some grace as you're going through the list and pick one to two things to start implementing.

Get a Proper Night’s Rest 

You probably underestimate how much sleep you need for your energy levels to stay high during the day, which is why a good sleeping routine is so important. I know I did. I thought I could survive and thrive with only 6 hours. But NOPE. I was very wrong.

For me, I need AT LEAST 7 hours of sleep a night. Ideally 7.5 is my sweet spot. I would track my energy levels throughout the day and that’s where I had a noticeable difference.

Investing in good sleep will be a game-changer for you and your path to success. I would track it. I use my fitbit and my oura ring to track my sleep scores.

Meditate Every Morning

Every morning, commit to meditating for a few minutes before you start your day.  This always grounds me and it sets me up to manage my emotions and time throughout the day better.

I really find that it helps to get my mind and body to get in tune with each other and mentally prepares me for a successful and productive day. Meditating is a great mindfulness practice that many successful business owners practice and commit to.

Now take this with a grain of salt – you don’t have to do it in the morning if you aren’t a morning person. Do it before bed to help you get more restful sleep.

The point is to create a habit around it. You can always habit stack with this too so that it works for you.

Make Time for Self Affirmations

People underestimate the power of self-affirmation as a daily ritual. I was one of those people. However, I did change my mindset around affirmations and now I have them throughout my house.  I would make sure you don’t make the same mistake as me.

If you’re the type that tends to be hard on yourself after something goes wrong, make it a point to start saying affirmations. And full disclosure, it does NOT have to be perfect. If you forget a day or two, it’s okay. Just know that this is a habit that will benefit you and your self-talk.

The meaningful practice of self-affirmations will help you rewire your brain to be more positive and set you up for success. And according to the Mayo Clinic, when you work on creating positive self-talk and start to believe your affirmations, it will reduce your stress.

If you’re afraid of feeling weird or looking stupid – don’t be! Take time in the shower or in front of the mirror in the morning to look at yourself and tell yourself affirmations to build yourself up.

I actually say my affirmations when I write my gratitude every morning. When I’m in the shower I’m playing my Millionaire Song List that I created to pump me up for the day. I find that also helps with my mindset.

Anyway, some examples of self-affirmations can be:

  • I believe in myself & trust my power
  • I am unique & inspire others everyday
  • It is true. I deserve everything I desire
  • I love myself on the good days and on the bad days

These are just a few that I use. Another one I love is: I protect my peace & joy every day.

Take up a Hobby 

Sometimes you need to take a break from your business to boost productivity levels and reduce the chance of burnout. You probably have a list of hobbies that you enjoy doing but don’t feel like you have time for because you’re hustling hard. I know. I get it. I’ve been there.

Take a breather and allow yourself to engage in that hobby.  It’s not just about “fitting” it into your schedule, it’s about creating time for yourself.  You will see how much of a mood booster it proves to be!

Successful business owners know the importance of prioritizing their hobbies and interests in their daily routine.

My current “hobby” right now is fixing up our house. We bought an older house last year and I’m currently painting, changing things out, decluttering and so much more. It’s not a “fun” hobby (reading is my fun hobby), but I do feel so accomplished when one room is done being painted and we can keep unpacking.

Set Intentions & Tackle Harder Tasks First

Before starting your jam-packed day, set intentions and what you aim to accomplish in the day ahead. This ritual will give you a rough outline of what you have planned and help you add structure. It will also give you time to organize your thoughts and plans.

Try to finish the most difficult tasks near the beginning of the day so that no negativity or foreboding looms over you throughout the day. Completing harder tasks at the start of your day will boost your energy levels and give you more confidence to finish the smaller tasks later on in the day.

I tend to feel more accomplished when I get the hardest and/or the task I’m least looking forward to, done first.


Sitting in front of a computer all day will keep your energy levels low. You need to move around. So that means staying active and getting up and shaking your groove thing here and there will help.

Ok, you don’t really have to shake your toosh, but you do need to move around. This is probably one of the most simple habits you can implement because you can start with something like walking. When I was trying to get in the habit of moving my body consistently – I would have a goal of getting in 100 squats a day. So every hour I would stand up and do 10 squats.

Not only did I start to have a luscious hiney, I recognized that I wasn’t as tired throughout the day as I used to be.

Now, I’m waking up at 6am and getting in a HIIT workout or I’m doing Yoga or Pilates.

On top of exercise helping me manage my ADHD better, it helped me with my mindset and how I showed up if problems came throughout the day.

According to BYU, It will improve your brain functions, reduce anxiety and stress levels, and boost your mood.

So consider adding a consistent exercise plan into your busy schedule and see you and your business thrive in no time!

And you don’t have to workout everyday, especially when you’re getting started. I have a friend and she choose Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday as her workout days to get started.

Create a schedule that works for you right now and adjust it as you need to.

Read Something Not Business-Related

It’s common for you to reach for something business-related to read and educate yourself. You’re probably scouring through articles and books that are directly related to your business. But your mind needs a break from everything business-related! You have 24 hours in a day, and you should take a break for a bit and indulge in your other interests.

Read up on something else that intrigues you. Or grab a book from a genre you know you’ll enjoy. If you love romance, find a romance book online and read during an off-period. If you’re interested in true crime, read up on some recent crime articles to get your mind off any stress. Anything you read is valuable, and it’s never time wasted.

Show Love 

Showing your close friends, family, and employees that you appreciate and love them will cost you zero dollars! And it will put everyone in an overall good mood, including yourself! Acts of kindness throughout your day are proven to boost mood and productivity.

There are numerous ways you can show your love to those around you. Simple ideas you can start using today include:

  • Appreciate and compliment how an employee handled work you assigned them
  • Comment on something positive about a friend
  • Call a parent to spend your lunch break with them. (Don’t forget to tell them you miss them!)

Make a gratitude list 

At the end of the night, take some time to write down a list of things you are grateful for in a journal as a method to get your thoughts on paper and to de-stress before getting a good night's sleep. I have a gratitude & growth journal that will help you get started – check it out here.

Reminding yourself of all the deeper meaning in your life and what you appreciate will keep your mood uplifted and ready for a new day tomorrow. As business owners, we head to bed with stress from work and to-do lists in our heads for the next day. But practicing gratitude every day will get you out of that funk and keep you feeling positive moving forward.

Final Thoughts On Creating Simple Habits & Rituals

Successful business owners have set up rituals and routines in their life that set them up for success. Your dreams are 100% attainable, you just have to be committed to putting in the work and staying consistent. These are just a few things that will help you to feel good and create that consistent action to move forward.

We highlighted nine simple habits and routines that you can start using today to become a more successful business owner. Staying consistent with these rituals will develop them into habits, and they will transform how you perform and handle any obstacles in your way.

Tell me! What are habits that you know have set you up for success? Share in the comments below!

9 Simple Habits & Rituals To Create A Successful Life
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