I'm a big believer in rituals & habits. I honestly believe that when you can create, make a conscious choice and stick to your habits & rituals, it will create the success you want in your life and your business. One of my favorite ones is a full moon ritual. Every month there is a new moon and a full moon and I love getting grounded. It helps me remember my purpose and get clear on how I want to show up.

I've created a quick video (under 7 minutes) to share my full moon ritual with you. I normally do this every month or something super similar to this, depending on how much time I have and if the kids are awake or asleep. Sometimes I'll try to get them to do it with me, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Full Moon Ritual

Here is what I do for my full moon ritual.  If you're looking for an awesome New Years Ritual, you can take a peek at that HERE.

  1. I grab my writing paper, pen, pendulum, my crystals and anything else that makes me feel good.
  2. Depending on what’s around me I either turn on my diffuser with essential oils that make me feel good and/or I light candles.
  3. Take deep breaths, inhale through nose and exhale through the mouth. It's basically relaxing my body and mind. Most of all, it's about me clearing my head. 
  4. Connect to the ground (if I’m doing it outside, I get conscious of my feet connected to the ground – bare feet if in the spring or summer) If i’m inside I place my feet on the ground or I sit on the ground and I put my hands on the ground and “connect.”
  5. I take a few minutes and write down things that are troubling me or things I’m doing that don’t feel aligned with me, habits that aren’t working for me, etc. For example, one thing I have is inconsistent content on my blog.
  6. Visualize each problem or bad habit as healed. So I'd visualize regular content being added to my blog and how it feels.
  7. Once I visualize them as healed, if I’m outside I’ll burn it in our fire pit as I forgive myself (or if its a person that's bugging me, forgive them and me too).
  8. Release it.
  9. If I’m inside, I’ll burn the page in the sink and release it.
  10. I then sage myself and our house to clear any “leftover energy.”

Breathing It In

Over the next few days after the full moon, I do my best to stay present to how I'm feeling, my thoughts and the action that I'm taking. If I find that I'm struggling, I'll place my feet on the ground and just take some deep breaths. I breath in any fear, anxiety, stress or whatever it is I'm going through and I breath out a deep sign and I release it all.

Sometimes I need to do that over and over again but it feels good once I let it out.

Share in the comments below, was this helpful? Do you have any rituals that you go through for full moons?

Stay tuned for my New Moon Ritual, that will be coming out soon!

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