This year has been a really interesting year for me. It's been one of deep reflection and understanding of myself. I created a New Years Ritual to help myself understand, appreciate and push myself forward next year too.

I've loved a lot of it, but one thing I don't always do at the end of the year is really review each and every month so then I feel like I haven't really accomplished a whole lot with year and this is where this ritual comes into place. I wanted to make sure I ended proud of myself, aligned and connected.

Let's jump in.

New Year's Ritual

One thing I will say is that you'll need to carve out some time to really allow yourself to be present with this. If you have kids, do this at nap time or after they go to bed. You want to have a clear mind.

Light some candles (or sage or incense).

Turn on some music that lights you up.

Grab your favorite journal or notebook that makes you feel good and let's jump into this pro

Year In Review

If you can take the time to go through every month and really think about what you accomplished, what you loved and how you felt each month, this is the perfect start. I know you won't remember everything. One thing I did because I used a planner and I used my Google Cal is I went through them starting back in January and looked at each week to see if it sparked anything for me.

This helps to:

  • Remember events that happened
  • Lessons I learned
  • Places that I went (we went to Myrtle Beach for our first family vacation and Mexico – I totally forgot about!)

It helps to recalls places of growth and what you've learned throughout the year.

You're Proud Of What?

This is something I learned from Denise Duffield-Thomas at LuckyBitch.com. On her blog, she talked about how to end the year and I really love her idea about really thinking about what you're proud of. It doesn't have to be specifically related to business, but whatever you're proud of in the year.

She also talks about doing it until you list 50 or more. I won't make that long of list here but I will share a few things I'm proud of:

  • We went on our first family vacation and I'm proud we were able to show our kids the ocean for the first time
  • Getting my passport and going to Mexico with hubby (and two of our best friends)
  • Meditating over 80% of the year daily. This was HUGE for me.
  • Guest expert in 2 programs
  • Helped 4 different people have 6-figure launches (by managing their paid advertising)
  • Reduced my TV time by at least 20%
  • Read 15 books
  • Deep sea fishing (and eating barracuda – that is so out of the norm for me)

And so much more. This is just a few of what I did to give you a jump start.

Hubby and I are going to do this piece together to help motivate each other a bit and remember that even the smallest things count. I ate barracuda!!! I don't even like fish that much (unless it's beer battered and fried).

Keep going until you get at LEAST 25 or 30. At least.  Imagine how you'll feel when you're done with that. You'll feel soo good.

I'm sharing an easy New Years Ritual that I do every year.  This is super simple and helps you get clarity for the upcoming year!
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Release It

Let go of any old emotions, grudges, habits, feelings, etc. Let go of anything that will hold you back.

Write them down and allow them to flow through you.  If they have to do with people you don't like and you don't want to forgive them, that's okay.  You're not letting it go because of them, you're letting it go because of YOU. Your new year is going to be different and you can't go into a new year feeling the same old emotions and judgments.

As you write them down, gently say, “I release my feelings, judgments, etc….” and do this for everything you write down and then burn it.  It's cold here in January so I normally just do it in my kitchen sink.

This Or Something Better For The Highest Good Of All Concerned

This is a practice I've learned from so many people. Take out your favorite notebook and write this at the top:

I'm Manifesting This Or Something Better For The Highest Good Of All Concerned. So It Is. It Is so.

Then take the time to write what you want to manifest and co-create.  Write what your calling is and how you're going to serve. Share what your deepest desires are.  You don't have to share this, but make sure with each word and desire you write, that you FEEL into it.  What would it feel like to create that into your life.

This super simple process will help you gain clarity and amazing feelings as you go into the New Year.

Do you have a New Years Ritual?

Share in the comments below!

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