I love me some books. I wasn't always this way though. I used to be much more into boys and shaking my tail feather than I was to better myself. I'm not really share what or when it changed, but I'm glad it did. Because now, I'm always about personal and business development. I think it is important to keep myself ahead of the game and always evaluating what I'm doing and if I'm being the best version of me I can be.

I'm hoping it stays that way.  When I first started this year, I wanted to read a crap ton of books, but then I realized that reading a ton of books doesn't do anything if I'm not implementing it. So even though I've read and listened to quite a bit of books already this year, my goal is to implement and test what I learn.

I am going to be reading an array of books (including, Janet Evanovich books and some Christmas romcoms) this year.

Books I've Read (or Listened to) In 2016

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

This is one of my favorite books. Whenever I need to get over a limiting belief or an upper limit problem, I pull this book out. He also has an amazing book that is about taking a small action everyday for the whole year. I bet you'd like that! It's called, “A Year Of Living Consciously...”

The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles

This is a mindset book. It can be a little hard to read at first, but once you get into it, it is such a great read and I love that this book is so old, yet everything still rings true for today. It talks about your money

This is one of my favorite books I've read to help me jumpstart my personal & biz development.
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mindset and how you should be thinking and acting in order to bring about your own prosperity.

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

This is another one of my favorite books of all time. I've listened to it at least 5 times since I've owned in in 2013. This is part motivational and part get your ass in gear and get to work.

It's a realistic way to think about your business and your life, but at the same time, it shows what you can do if you just take the smallest efforts day in and day out. You'll definitely reap what you sew. If I could say get at least one book off of this list, it would be this one followed by The Big Leap.

Side note: I've listened to this book, for me, with this book it is much more effective for me to listen to it. I love that the author, Darren Hardy reads the book through Audible and I love the extra little tidbits in the book that he gives.

Choose Them Wisely by Mike Dooley

This is another fabulous book. I guess I've been really stinkin' lucky with the books I've been reading because I don't think I've come across one that I don't like yet.  Although, I tend to only read the books that intrigue me and as you can tell, most of them are self-awareness books. I don't really like the term self-help. I don't need help, I need to become more aware of my myself and others around me.

Learn what books I've read and what ones I read and listen to over and over again.
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Wishes Fulfilled by Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is such a good book that I've listened to over and over. It really helps bring me clarity into my language and how I talk with myself. One of the things he talks about in this book is our, “I am” statements and it really has helped me see how to incorporate positive words into my own thoughts (especially about myself).

I didn't realize there was a meditation CD and I just bought that too! I'll let you know how I like it.

Leveraging The Universe by Mike Dooley

So, I'm starting to see a theme with bald men bahaha. Just kidding, kind of. But this is one of my favorite books! Ok… so I've said that a lot too. I love books and I love learning. Hello, my name is Shay and I'm a learnaholic. (everyone wave and say, “Hi Shay!”)

This is another good book to listen to. This is one of the most eye opening ones I've listened to that has help me with my self-awareness.

Dear Mr. Knightley by Katharine Reay

This was such a good book and it was another one I listened to. It was a fiction book about a woman who was in college and got it paid for by this “Mr. Knightley.” It was like she went on this journey of learning about herself, what her own beliefs were and how they were holding her back.

Of course, I'd fall in love with a fiction book that talks about that.  I know you'll love this book! It's so cute and it helps me to be super self-aware of me too.  This was another one I listened too. I hope they come up with a sequel because I really got attached to the characters and where they are now!

As you can tell, I love books and really learning and growing. I don't really have more time than any other person, especially since I have 2 kids, but I do listen to the books once the kids are dropped off at school on the way home and to pick them up. Also, if I'm running errands, without kids, I listen to books too.

There are days were I don't mind listening to the radio or blasting 90s hip hop, but that's about 15% of the time. I know that my time is precious and I'm working through some of my own limiting beliefs so I need to fix those before I can really propel this business and my future eCommerce project.

What books are you reading or have you read? I have some that are on my list that I'll have to share with you that I want to read 🙂

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