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I’m writing my quarter 1 goals at the beginning of January 2022 because life just didn’t go as planned. I’m currently writing this when I have “the Rona.” But I am working in spurts as my nurse told me not to lay on my back too long because that lets it settle in my lungs.

I will say this, I am grateful I got it now and not later on this year. It’s really allowed me to dive deeper into what I want to feel this year and how I want to show up. I talk more about this in my full 2022 goals. You can read about that more here.

Read Or Listen To 3 Books

The book I’m currently reading is At Your Best by Carey Nieuwhof. This book is having me looking at my productivity and overwhelm in a totally different light. I cannot recommend this book enough. I have about 57 minutes left in listening to it and it’s been so great for me.

I’d like to read one more personal development one on my list and then I’d like to read a fiction one as well that gets my mind off of things. I realized I didn’t finish a fictional book I started last year, called The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I think that will be my second book that I finish next. It’s such a good start but it made me cry a couple time as I was reading it and we were going through a lot with our family, so I put it down. And I forgot about it.

So I’m gonna pick it up and finish it!

Update: As I am still writing this post mid-January, I’ve already finished 2 books. Well technically 3 books, so I’m already ahead of the game with this!

I’ve read/listened to At Your Best, 12 Months To $1 Million and a mini book by Florence Schovel Shin called, “Your Word Is Your Wand.”

And I’ve started listening to The Joy Of Missing Out by Tanya Dalton. And I’m reading about 5 – 10 pages of The Midnight Library every night before bed to wind down. I forgot how good this book was. And I get really introspective. It’s about looking at your life from different lives you could have chosen to live. It’s definitely making me think and pushing me to be more intentional with my time, energy and the people in my life.

Move My Body Daily

I tried doing yoga today and the deep breathing gave me cough attacks, so I might attempt gentle stretching. But I have a sneaking suspicion that the only thing my body needs is rest and water.

Body movement is so incredibly important to me right now. Not just for weight loss, but to connect with myself. I am a different person when I am moving my body.

I’m creating a new morning routine that will fit better with this stage of my life and that will include 5 – 10 minutes of yoga in the morning before I go and do a bit more strenuous workout.

My goal is to reduce my body fat to under 28% by the end of this year, so taking the steps to do that will help me tremendously.

Also, I do recognize that I am not the person who can just jump back into hard weightlifting immediately. I need to ease my way back in and then slowly move forward.

Recognize that with yourself if you are just getting started again too.

Write A Weekly Blog Post & Turn It Into A Video

I’ve finally hired a video editor – woot woot! And I plan on creating weekly content on my YouTube channel. I figured I can kill 2 birds with one stone by also turning it into a blog post.

This could also crossover into my podcast as well, but I’m still undecided about that.  Let’s be honest, creating content, especially when you’re busy can be hard. So I want to make sure I’m aware of you, as my audience, but also, my bandwidth so I’m not biting off more than I can chew.

Boundaries and being viciously honest with myself is huge for this time in my life… so if that means taking a chill pill and using a video and turning it into a podcast – BOOM. It’s done.

And by the viciously honest part – it also means looking at my time and seeing where I am wasting it. I find that sometimes I’m just sitting at my computer for the sake of sitting here and I’m not really being productive at all! Or… I’m just scrolling through a social app watching dancing videos of grandmas or cute animals.

As I become more aware of this, it allows me to adjust it and move forward.

Create A Morning Routine

This is my final main goal. When I got sick, I let everything go for my morning routine and I’m so ready to get it back. However, I am changing it up a bit. For this season in our lives, we have a lot of kids activities. After reviewing the schedule for the next month, I’m realizing that a 5am start time isn’t for me if I want to accomplish a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night. That means I have to move my workout to: A) after I drop off the kids at school or B) in the evening after we are home.

My goal with this morning routine is to wake up around 6am, meditate, EFT (tapping), journal and sit with myself before I wake up the kids between 6:30 and 6:45am.

I’ll be sharing more on this in another article where I share what I’m doing and how it’s working. My goal by the end of this quarter is to have a routine that will work for me until June when the kids are done with school.

We are unsure if they will do summer school, so our mornings will start a little later this summer and I will give myself permission to sleep in more.

So in conclusion, those are my goals for Q1. I have other smaller goals that are also in my mind but they aren’t a main focus for me.

I love being held accountable and I love holding you accountable! Please share what your Q1 Goals are for you so I can cheer you on!

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