Sometimes life can be REALLY busy. It feels like we are always on the go. Like there is never enough time. That you always have SOMETHING to do. I feel this in my bones.

There are always deadlines, responsibilities and things that fall through the cracks that you need to go fishing for. Between my family, kid’s schedules, travel, work and trying to get in some “me” time – it feels like there’s hardly a moment to catch my breath. 

Even just typing this up, I feel stress in my core around this. I used to feel like there was just never enough time. Never enough moments… never enough.

But the thing is, there is

And that “moment” is called self-care. And no, I'm not talking about indulgent spa days or extravagant vacations (though if you can swing it, why not?!). It's more about the small, consistent habits that, even in the midst of chaos, help you to be at your best—inside and out.

Today, I’ll walk you through those habits that get you to take time for yourself even when you’re in the busiest seasons of your life.

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Listen out for: 

  • A Look Into A Very Busy Season In My Life [0:21]
  • Giving Yourself Grace + Having A Plan In Place [3:24]
  • Exploring Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping [6:05]
  • Trying Out Somatic Exercises [8:38]



“When life is this way and you’re kind of in this limbo area, and you’re trying to do more while also doing less, while also wanting to remember that you're human, and that you also need to take care of yourself… give yourself grace, but also put a plan in place.” [3:24]

“(On the importance of planning) The biggest thing that I noticed with myself over this last few months is that I did not have a plan in place for those weeks where I end up with 32 calls. And so then by Friday, I am completely tapped out, completely wiped, and have nothing left to give other people” [4:00]

“Maybe this [episode] is giving you ideas of hey, I've not been myself, so what can I do to get back to me? Maybe it's exercise. Maybe it's EFT. Maybe it's breathwork. Maybe it's just going for a walk outside and getting some vitamin D and fresh air on your face. Maybe it's just you recognizing that you aren't where you want to be and you can do things differently.” [11:57]


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