Just like that, summertime is officially in full swing, mamas! For our kiddos, this is obviously a dream come true.

For us? Well, if you’re a busy entrepreneur like me who’s usually tied to a delicate daily routine, this time of the year can only mean one thing – CHAOS!

From our sleep, wake-up, and work times to our daily personal and family activities, every bit of our usual gets shaken up, ultimately putting us at risk of constantly feeling like we’re one melted popsicle away from a full-on meltdown.

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be this way! Because having your summer cake and eating it too is no rocket science – it’s simply a matter of intentional scheduling!

Not sure where to start? No worries! I’ll walk you through my process today.

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Listen out for: 

  • Adjusting Morning Routines [2:15]
  • Incorporating Summer Activities [7:28]
  • Balancing Work and Flexibility [11:20]


“[W]hat I want you to think about with adjusting your wake up time and your morning schedule is what's in the best benefit of you showing up as your best and you showing up doing what's going to work best for you and then reverse engineer that so that you know when you have to get up, if you're a person who hits snooze, you'll want to factor that in as well and then you'll want to continue to move.” [6:49]

“Are there any [summer activities] that you can incorporate into your routine so that you can be more present with yourself and with your family and get out more?” [10:28]

“[S]chedule those focused client work times, those focus times for you to get your stuff done, so that when you do have that flexibility or need that flexibility, you wouldn't need to compromise your commitments or rush to complete tasks at the last minute.” [13:48]


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