I absolutely love how Facebook Ads help business owners create income and revenue for those of us want to create a life that works for us, especially in a different way from the norm. Sometimes its a bit harder to use them, but for the most part, once you get in and get your hands dirty it gets easier, until they decide to “update” things a bit.

Anyway, I totally want to address something I've heard you ask time and time again. You've created your Facebook Ads, you know they're the best thing since sliced bread and they seem to be working because you're getting a ton of link clicks and people are interested in what you are offering.  But and this but is a big one, you're not converting like you want to.  Those clicks aren't turning into clients. What the hell?

I've had clients who have had the same issue when their Facebook Ads aren't converting. Let me tell a couple things to look for. Of course, there's more than this, but I'm talking about something that is super fresh on my mind at this time.

What To Look For When Facebook Ads Aren't Converting

These are the things you should be looking for when you're diagnosing what's going on with your Facebook Ads and traffic generation. Let's look at some of the popular things that could help you increase your conversions and sales.

Landing Page

Obviously, if you're sending traffic to a page, it is mostly likely a landing page where you're trying to get someone to opt-in to your offer. If your landing page (for a free offer) is converting at 25% or higher, leave it alone! I aim for 30% for my DFY Clients, but I've managed clients ads and accounts for 11 years. If you're just getting started with your ads and you're not converting at 25% or higher for your landing page, then you need to adjust:

  1. The copy on your landing page to be more enticing. Before doing this, make sure the copy from your ad uses some of the same words/phrases from your landing page. Then the people know they are coming to the same page.
  2. The targeting.

Honestly, as long as you know your targeting is spot on and your landing page and ad copy are congruent, then you need to change your landing page.  For example, if you had 100 clicks to your website, but you only got 15 signups, that's a 15% conversion rate. And that means that the people clicking aren't wanting what you're marketing or you're not conveying why they need it well enough.

I tell my clients, I can bring you ALL the traffic in the world from your ideal audience, but it is your job to convert them. Your landing page, your offer, etc is a part of the how & why your business will be successful.

  • Are you appealing to your clients pain points?
  • Are you appealing to the solution too?
  • Is it a page that is just thrown together or did you take time to carefully think about the offering and the funnel they are going through once they sign up for your opt-in?

CTR (Link-Click Through)

This is another big one when your Facebook Ads aren't converting. This is the % of people who see your ad who actually click the link that you have in your ad. Remember, do not look at CTR ALL. You want to look at CTR Link Click-Through Rate. This should be over 1%. I'd love to have it over 2% but with some niches (especially if there are bigger launches going on) it can be a bit harder to do that.

If it’s not creating results and you’re under 1%, it means your messaging is NOT appealing to your audience. If it’s lower and you’re not getting results, you’ll want to create new messaging and test new creative (images, videos, etc).

It IS possible to get a CTR as high as 2 – 4% but that is almost always done by businesses/brands that have tested HUNDREDS of different variations. It can be harder to do and if you are getting it closer to that 1% or higher, don’t touch anything.

Imagery – Does it match what's the on the landing or at least have similar colors?  Make sure that the colors are congruent with what they are going to see on your landing page. You're setting them up to make sure they recognize you from the Facebook Ad.  You want to make it as clear as possible to them when they click so they sign up. We know how attention spans are… short and ready to move on, so give them a reason to stay.

How to fix your landing page if your FB ads aren't converting
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Cost Per 1,000 Impressions (CPM)

CPM: This is how much it costs to be shown to 1,000 people.

CPM Goal: $45 or less

If you are getting results and your CPM is higher – DON’T touch anything. Results really do beat out all other things.

If your CPM is too high, especially on COLD traffic, it means Facebook does NOT like something inside of your ad and/or your landing page. And this can affect your conversion rate.

Simplified – it’s harder to get in front of people AND convert when the CPM is too high.

You’ll want to revise your ad copy. You’ll also want to review/edit your landing page to see if there is anything on there that is pushing your CPM up.

If it’s a “little” higher than $45 on a couple audiences, that is okay. If it’s consistently $60-70+ on all the COLD audiences, I would double (and triple) check that the ads are Facebook compliant and that the landing is Facebook user friendly.

NOTE: CPMs are also relative to your audience as well. They will be HIGHER if you are in a more competitive niche. They will also be higher if you are in a REALLY SMALL market that has a lot of competition.

And when your CPM is higher, it could also mean a bit more for your Cost Per Result (CPR).

While these are general numbers that are a good “base,” you’ll also want to be mindful of your niche and competitiveness in that particular industry.

The numbers on here are “general” standards.

Tips On How To Create A More Appealing Landing Page:

  • Use similar images and colors that are in the picture of the ad and on the landing page. If someone is coming to the landing page and it looks completely different from the ad, there is a higher chance that they won't sign up. If the ad looks similar to the landing page and/or uses similar wording, it makes more sense to your ideal follower!
  • I always try to take at least one or two sentences from the landing page and use them in ads.  When I do that, it increases conversions because the words are similar and it triggers something with your potential client.
  • Test. It's not going to be perfect on the first go around, maybe not even the second, third or fourth go around. Be willing to get your hands dirty or hire someone who is willing to get their hands dirty to help you create a successful launch!
  • Watch the Click Through Rate from the Facebook Ad. If it isn't above 1%, you need to change up the ad copy.  It is important that you make sure you have enough eyes on your ad before you turn them off or else there was no real testing at all.
  • Have a clear Call To Action but STOP selling so hard.  Yes, we know you people to sign up for your product. Yes, we know you want the sales. Yes, we ALL want to do less work and make MORE money. BUT (you saw that coming, right?) no one wants to feel like they are being sold to. They want to feel like they need your services, not like you're forcing it down their throat.  Turn it down, sunshine, turn it down a bit.

Your ads should feel like they are just another post in the newsfeed from a friend sharing something with them. It shouldn't be some big sales copy to push people to your site.  It doesn't look natural.

What To Ask When Your Facebook Ads Aren't Converting

If you are creating your own ads and you don't have a higher converting opt-in page, this is what I look at first (just to reiterate):

  • Are we getting clicks? Yes!
  • Are the clicks (click through rate) over 1% (I prefer 2%)? Yes!
  • Are we targeting the right people? Yes!

If you aren't getting a lower conversion rate or if your Facebook ads aren't converting, then you need to look at your landing page and change it. Maybe the images need to be match? Copy needs to match? Review, test and continue to tweak.

Those are a few tips I have if your Facebook Ads aren't converting. I'm sure there are more, but that is what is coming to me right now. What's going on with your Facebook Ads? What have you found that has worked with you? Share it below in the comments section.

Stay tuned, in a couple of weeks I'm going to have some great examples of ads that are working and converting really well (40% or higher).

Facebook has some really great resources for your ads, but if you're looking for 1:1 help with your marketing campaigns, let's work together!

What to do when your facebook ads aren't converting
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