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Facebook Ads

You know your business is awesome-sauce.

Your free offer is just as awesome, right? I know that too.

Using paid advertising won’t be a get rich quick sort of thing but using Facebook Ads WILL help “speed up the process” to get to your desired outcome.

I’m here to help you grow your business and set you up as the leading authority in your business!  If you’ve ever wanted to grow your list, launch your product or build your community, Facebook Ads are perfect for you!

Month after month, we are a boutique Facebook Ads Management team that manages 5 – 6 figures in ad spend. We help our clients create profitable and aligned traffic to increase their sales.

If you’re an online business owner, coach or consultant who is looking for Facebook Ads Management, look no more!

You've made it to the right place.

"She's an incredible Facebook advertising expert!"

Shay is the most incredible woman, business owner and Facebook advertising expert I know. She added hundreds of subscribers to my list and hundreds of registrants to my webinars with seemingly no effort at all, and in a matter of weeks, not months.

She knows how to target your ideal client, what converts and when to optimize your ads so you don’t have to lift a finger. All of our leads have been under $2 per lead and were able to create a $53,000 with under $5,000 in ad spend – we OVER 10X our results!

She took all the stress out of Facebook ads and handled my business like it was her own. If you want someone who really knows Facebook advertising, how to get your noticed online and someone who actually cares about the growth of your business as much as you do, hire Shay while you still can.

Amber M | Business Success Coach

This client for this year (2023) has done some incredible things for her niche. And it's not a business, marketing or wealth niche.

For this particular year, we had 2 images that performed the best as far as conversions and 2 videos. Since they are in different audiences, we were able to scale and grow! And this means for every $1 we've spent so far this year, our client has made over $8 back.

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Ready to scale and grow your Facebook Ads?

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Who this is for:

  • Your mission to help others is the reason you’re in business. You were sent to this earth to create a ripple effect of positive change and you're looking for support in that mission.
  • You run a reputable online business that generates 6-figures or more per year. You're motivated to take your business to the 7-figure or more mark and you’ve allocated the marketing budget to achieve your goals.
  • You offer online courses, coaching/consulting packages, memberships, and/or services as your primary offer. It doesn't matter what specific niche you're in, but at this time, we do not work with local/offline businesses or eCommerce businesses.
  • You have an experienced marketing team or marketing coach who you are working with. And they'll have the capacity to optimize the funnel based on the data we bring in from the traffic and leads acquired.
  • You’re ready to partner with a full-service Facebook ads management expert who shares your vision and mission.

I'll take care of all of this:

  • We’ll have an Intro Call to go over the deets
  • We’ll create Copy & Images that convert
  • We’ll take a peek at your landing page and make sure it’s Facebook compliant and ready to rock!
  • You’ll receive weekly reporting so you know what’s going on
  • Once ads have run for a few days, we’ll tweak and test to make sure we’re getting our best ROI and earnings per lead
  • You’ll get Custom Audiences & Retargeting done the right way
  • Highly targeted traffic that is on point with who you want in your programs

And so much more!

What's next?

Let’s set up a time to talk and figure out if you even need help with Facebook Ads or if you should be doing them yourself.

I do not suggest doing Facebook Ads to a funnel until you know it is set up properly and you’re ready to test it. For launches, I suggest 4 – 6 week lead time so we can build out a strategy. Take a peek at what I’ll take care of.

Ready to scale and grow?

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