Do you know how many monthly users there are on Facebook? According to Tech Crunch there are now over 2 billion monthly users on Facebook.

Can you say hellooooo target market?

I know, I know… but you don’t know how to even get into targeting! So that’s where I come in.  

If you aren’t testing or trying new things you could be leaving money on the table, right?

So let’s dive into some ideas I’ve had around targeting to help you grow your list + your business.

Five Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas

People With New Jobs

This is a great way to target people with a new job. It will target anyone who has changed their job/position within the last 6 months.

A smart retail/clothing company would target people who start a new job and they could even narrow the audience down to a specific nice (doctors, nurses, business people) and target them with new clothes for their new job.

Small Business Owners

As you can see from the image below, you have a few different variations of this, so you’ve got options!

You can pick out which ones will work best for you and then test and tweak.


This is one that we did for a fitness client of mine.  She was a mom and she wanted to target moms.  We did great with that!

You can even break it down by parents of a specific age range or even new parents.  You can get super specific.

Facebook Payments

For eCommerce this is perfect… specifically for people who actually have stores on Facebook. This allows you to target people who have purchased something on Facebook within the timeframe that you choose. Ah-mazing, right? I know! I’m gonna test this out for my next Cozy E Box launch!


You can target people who love to travel!  You can target business travel, frequent travel, etc.  I know that I get targeted by Southwest ALL the time. I’m sure I’m on their customer list but still…

If you’re a company that is selling something for travels, this is a great way to get in from of them!

Bonus Ideas

These are all lookalike audiences but I think they are very important to mention. So let’s take a peek at some of the ones I’ve used that could

I'm sharing Facebook Ads Targeting Ideas that could help you bring in more highly qualified leads!
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potentially help you!

Paid Customer Lookalike Audience – I wrote an article you can check out here on this exact thing.  This is where you have the ability to upload a list of paying customers and how much they’ve paid over time. Facebook will pull that information in and will look at the behaviors and habits of other people who are similar.

Pretty nifty, right?

Email List Lookalike Audience – If you have a highly engaged email list, using a lookalike of that audience could be really helpful for you. It could bring in more people who will be active, engaged and purchase products from you.

Website Traffic Lookalike Audience – This is another pretty good one. Most of the time (not all) we are getting our target clients coming to our website, reading our blogs and looking around. If you have enough website traffic, you can create a lookalike audience around them.

These are just a few of THOUSANDS of options for targeting inside of Facebook.  I’d suggest if you create your own ads to hop in and look around the targeting section. Put in names, behaviors and/or characteristics that you could potentially target to see if they are in there.

I know a lot of my clients think that you can only target “pages” but that’s not true. When you pair down really specific targeting with age, location, etc. – imagine how that will be for you when you’re adding the right people to your list?

What are some of your favorite things to target when you create ads?

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