Facebook is the Google of Social Media and if you're a business, it can help you build and grow your business faster than other outlets. While I highly suggest Facebook Ads to grow your business, you still need to keep relevant content on your Facebook business page and you will want to interact with the people who are liking and following your page.

With that said, FB has been my one of my specialties 7 years and I want to jump in and share some tips on how to engage your followers on Facebook. Let's jump in with the tips. The first thing you could do is….

Add Quotes That Relate To Followers

Some people just add quotes to add quotes because its a cutesy saying.  Resist the urge to do that. It's not just about posting something cute but thinking about what your followers want to see.

Normally on a Luxury Travel Agency page I used to manage, I do not add a lot of quotes, but I added one I found really interesting and it went over really well with their followers.

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This is one that really resonated with their followers because it is about travel and other high end travelers can relate.

Share From Reputable Pages

This is a post from another page I used to manage and we got AMAZING engagement from all the posts I created.  

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I try to share a post from places like Africa Geographic or other places that are well known. Most of our shared pictures get great, if not better engagement than the pictures/content we are.  This is for a page that had a little over 1,000 fans and this post potentially reached half of them.  That is highly unlikely in these days with Facebook engagement.

Analyze Current Content To Improve Future Posts

Most of us look at the data and stats after we are publishing our content. I know when I send clients reports it is for the content or ads that were ran the week before.   There are some great tools that we can use to analyze content & social media content before we create it, so it is more targeted.

A fabulous tool to use for this is BuzzSumo.  For this, I put in Social Media Marketing and I wanted to see what was written in the last 24 hours, so  on the left hand side I filtered it for the last 24 hours and it gave me a list of content that has been released in that time frame. On the lower left hand side, you're able to filter the content by the type of info you want too.

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This helps you to create content that you know will trend and your followers will want to see.  Its helps with your business and you can keep an eye on your competitors too.

These are just a few tips that are so simple and easy for you to start implementing right away.  What else? What do you find works with your followers? Are you seeing things that are more engaging than others? Share in the comments below!

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