Sometimes we just need a mindset reset. First, I'm a pretty positive person. I am a firm believer in keeping our mind right.  There is nothing more satisfying than a good snorting belly laugh while trying to catch your breath.  True story!

However, I know we all have“those” days. While we do want to stay in the right frame of mind, one bad day turns into two and then it's a domino effect. So when you just need a refresher or a quick pick me up, I'd love to share some tools and words I use to help me get back into the mindset.

The 7-Day Mindset Reset

I never used to be able to bounce back so quickly from a bad day – I'm talking seething days later over

Sometimes I need that extra pick me up. I put together this simple Mindset Reset to help us get through those days where we need a little extra pep in our step.
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something that really wasn't that big of a deal. Fortunately, now I am able to brush it off and remember to come from a place of love and happiness rather than sulking.

With this Mindset Reset, what I'll do is create a daily blog with an affirmation and action steps to help you add that extra pep to your step.

Now you don’t have to go all woo woo on me but I do want you to go in to this with an open mind.  We are only as good as our thoughts. Our business will only go as far as our thoughts let it. Soo creating this sacred space will allow you to examine your thoughts and intentions throughout the day.

It's time you understand how important it is to control your thoughts.

Oh! One more thing… I know that there are just times we will have bad days, I know that we're human. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to feel those feelings. You absolutely do.

I'm offering this as another way for us to see things differently, allowing us to choose a higher vibration when we can. And on the days that we can't… that is okay too!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post with your day one!

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