Self-love is probably the hardest one for me, especially as I was growing up.  Now that I'm older and I'm way more conscious of my thoughts, feelings and how I take on others stuff, I can at least recognize when I need to slow down and shower myself with some self-love. And now that I'm a mom too, I'm not perfect but I do want to show my kids what self-love is and how they can give themselves that.

Let me tell you a little bit about my past so you can understand how I got here. Okay, I'm still getting there, it's a journey.

What I've learned over the last 5 – 10 years is that some of the smallest things such as just breathing, eating that tasty piece of chocolate or going for a walk in nature are all forms of self love.

Let's just dive right in today, it's one of my favorite (and easiest) days!

Self Love Day 2 – Affirmation And Action Time

Today’s affirmation:  

I choose to see love in myself. I choose to forgive and release any thoughts that don't serve me

Self Love is pretty hard for me and now that I'm a mom, it's so important for me to practice and lead with it so my children learn it!
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This affirmation will help you to start release the old hurts and it will help you to start release that pain. I know, I know! It is WAY easier said than done – But just try it.

Baby steps are a really good start to seeing things differently.

Today’s action: 

Today you will allow yourself to just be.  Take 5 minutes to just be with yourself. No TV, no computer, no kids, no yoga, no anything. Just be.  Listen to your thoughts. Let the thoughts flow through you (even the negative ones).

God said, to love your neighbors as you would yourself. You can’t love them if you don’t dig deep in to loving you first.

What other tips and tricks do you have for loving yourself?

Self love is a hard one because it gets you out of your comfort zone, but that is okay.

Big shifts happen when you get out of your comfort zone.

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