Oh snap! It's the fun day!  It's where you laugh, laugh, laugh! I know it's silly but it

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Now back to laughing! Yes, it is an easy day and yet so many of us go through each day without laughing or smiling at all.  Sometimes once I'm done with my important tasks, I'll find one of my favorite comedians and I'll listen to them. Usually, I'll listen for 15 – 20 minutes until I get that genuine laugh that I need and it feels good to release the stress from my body.

Maybe you could try it?

I find my shoulders release tension that I somehow pick up when I sleep at night (does that happen to you too?) so this just lets me release the tension and anxiety.

Laughter Fun Facts

Laughter fun fact #1 – Laughing is a good workout. When you're laughing, you're strengthening muscles in your stomach and your face.

Laughter fun fact #2 – You can't fake a laugh. You can make a laughing noise, but you can't fake a genuine belly laugh. (I see you trying to right now)

Here is a slightly naughty/vulgar piece from one of my favorite comedians: Gabriel Iglesias

He always makes me smile!!!!

Today is going to be short and sweet.

Laughter Affirmation & Action

Today's affirmation:  I can see the humor in life and that creates abundance when I laugh and smile

Today's action: Take time to enjoy a family member or close friend and just laugh with them.  It doesn't have to be in person, it could be skyping or on a call.

So share with me! What are some things you do to make you laugh? Do you like comedians? Which ones are your favorite?  I'd love to hear!

PS – Thanks for reading my blog! You are appreciated!

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