As a mom entrepreneur, one of the MOST difficult things to do is find work-life balance. With so many people telling me that I need to be more available for my children, and with clients reminding me that they need me to answer emails at all hours of the day, it can feel like there is no way around this issue.

But don't worry – after years of trial and error (LOTS of errors), I have found four steps that will help you achieve a healthy balance between your work life and your home life.

Creating Work-Life Balance As A Mom & CEO

Of course, it’s always easier said than done, but having a starting point helps to start the domino effect. Also, if this is something you’re serious about creating, give yourself grace. There will be days where you don’t take any of the actions below because life happens.

Use what works for you and leave what doesn’t. This is your life, you get to create it by your design. And I’m here to help you and share what has worked for me.

Step One: Set Boundaries

This is the most important step in achieving work-life balance as a mom and business owner. Of course, with kids it can be difficult to do. And on top of that, creating boundaries that haven’t been in place before, can be a bit difficult too! You need boundaries for your time at home with family members – when will they eat dinner? When are bedtimes set each night of week days.

And not just that, you need to set boundaries with yourself. The way we show up for our clients and our family and leave ourselves on the backburner is NOT okay. Track how much time you use to take care of you or even do things you like. I LOVE being a mom and as a mom, but I also need to be an example to my kids.

If they see me working all of the time and putting myself last, that’s what they are going to do and teach their kids and is that a legacy we really want to leave? Overworked and missing memories… I know I don’t.

If you’re ready to start, start small here:

  1. Pick 2 – 3 things that are non-negotiables for you
  2. Schedule them on your calendar so no one can book that time with you. You have officially booked that time for you
  3. Enjoy the time and being present with yourself

And one more thing… No is a complete sentence. So many of us are conditioned to be people pleasers, but being a person of self-integrity with yourself is way more important. It sets the tone for what you will do for yourself.

Step Two: Create a Plan

Now I know what you’re thinking… if it were that easy, I’d just do it. It can be that easy if you start small with your plan.

Remember, this isn’t to add a bunch more stuff on your plate. This is to help you ease it, create some consistency and move you forward.

We need to create an action plan that will help us achieve work-life balance as mom entrepreneurs!

This is where we can start by setting our boundaries. It also allows us to look at our day, week and month and see where we can add some “me” time, family time and prepping time. Of course, it will depend on what season you’re in.

For example, winter is a bit quieter for our family, so I can plan a longer self-care routine in winter. In summers, it would be shorter, but I will still get it in because I've planned the time to do it.

So in the summers, we tend to be coming home from tournaments for our kids and so on Sundays I would prep our meals, order Instacart so it was there Monday morning and be ready to go.

I would bake my husband’s egg bake for the week so he had breakfast. I’m not a breakfast eater so I normally have a protein shake after I would drop the kids off at school. I would even put fruits in their own snack-sized containers for my kids, if they wanted to take that for their school snack. Or if they wanted to eat it for breakfast.

Now, this might not work for you and that’s okay. I’m sharing this with you to help get the ideas flowing. Maybe it’s as simple as going to bed when the kids go to bed and reading a book, or taking a warm shower and listening to music (I do this a lot).

Step Three: Get Support

While we are pretty close to being superwoman. I've been known to bustout some pretty rad mom moves since having kids, but still. We SHOULD NOT be doing all the things. It's A-OK for us to get support managing the kids from time to time. And our family and friends are most likely to help if they know we need it.

It's so helpful when we can share tips, vent, laugh, cry and talk about all the things with someone who can relate. I know it helps me feel less alone sometimes.

Step Four: Take Care of Yourself

It's so important to take care of ourselves, but it can be difficult. Even with the best intentions, working moms can find it difficult to maintain a healthy balance between their work and home life.

As entrepreneurs, balancing our lives is even harder. We are juggling all of these tasks on top of each other without any break in sight. And we wonder why we're so tired! Like I said in step 2, it’s okay for us to add ourselves to the calendar and taking care of ourselves should be a priority.

What can you do today to really take care of yourself?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I’d love to know how you create work-life balance as a mom entrepreneur. Share in the comments below!

Learn how to find work-life balance as a mom entrepreneur.
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