raise your hand if…

You’re ready to have someone manage your paid ads!

You know it’s time to use paid advertising to scale your business and you want to do it smart… BUT… you’d rather do EVERYTHING else except manage your own ads. Oh mylanta, you’re getting anxious just thinking about running your own ads.


You’ve come to the right place and we are here to save the day!

Setting Your 2022 Goals & Core Desired Feelings

It’s not just about saving time.

You know, as the Modern CEO of your business, you need someone who is OBSESSED with paid advertising.

It’s having a team of ads experts who…


Keep up with the latest trends so that you can stay in your CEO role


Continuously monitor, optimize, and adjust your paid ads on your behalf


Saves you hours PER MONTH from having to learn all the COMPLICATED algo changing updates that happen regularly

And they are right in your backpocket!

Monthly Ads Management for
Facebook & Instagram

This is our high-touch, 1:1 ads management service.

We set up, monitor and optimize your ads FOR you.

In this full-service package, you’ll have eyes on your campaigns daily, with high-level strategy and first-class management to help you grow & scale your already succeeding business!

Setting Your 2022 Goals & Core Desired Feelings

Our Ads Management services includes:

Monthly meetings for campaign review and performance to make sure we’re meeting your pre-determined ad goals.

Weekly video updates sharing what we are working on within your campaign

Optimization that will improve your outcome with your paid advertising

Scaling when you’re ready to take your ads & business to the next level

Access to your own private Slack channel for daily support so you can get feedback whenever a question pops up.

Continued audience & targeting research to make sure we are getting your offer in front of your ideal client.

Phased targeting so we can warm up & engage with all phases of your audiences and prime them to be ready to buy


Starting at $2,500 per month + 5% ad spend.

What sort of business is this for?

This is for you if…


You’re an established business owner with products and services that are already selling. You’re also 100% clear on your brand messaging & positioning.


You’re interested in running ads consistently between launches to grow & engage your audience.


You have an evergreen digital course or product that you already have proven to sell consistently.


You see the long-term value & benefits of having an ads manager to help increase your revenue, business and growth year round

This isn’t for you (right now) if:..


You’re just getting started in your business. You’ll want to have a proven product that is already selling.


You’ve never launched organically and/or with paid advertising yet. You’ll want to have at least one launch under your belt


Your business isn’t making a consistent profit from your product, program or service

We are so excited that you want to work with us!

We know you’re the next best thing since sliced bread and we’re happy to help you create advertising that helps everyone else see that too!

If you’re the tiniest bit curious about if you need to have an Ads Expert in your backpocket, click here to book a quick call. We'll hop on a Zoom call to discuss how we can support you and optimize your business for growth through paid advertising.

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