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“Shay is the most incredible woman, business owner and Facebook advertising expert I know. She added hundreds of subscribers to my list and hundreds of registrants to my teleclasses with seemingly no effort at all, and in a matter of weeks, not months. She knows how to target your ideal client, what converts and when to optimize your ads so you don't have to lift a finger. All of our leads have been under $2 per lead.
All I did was watch my list grow and my sales increase, she handled the rest. Over the period Christmas and New Years, with Shay's ads help, we were able to have a $53,000 launch! Shay really did rock my business and without her my launch would not have been a success. She took all the stress out of Facebook ads and handled my business like it was her own. If you want someone who really knows Facebook advertising, how to get your noticed online and someone who actually cares about the growth of your business as much as you do, hire Shay while you still can”.
 Janelle Ladewig, Business Success Coach
“Shay has helped me to grow my list by more than 4000 people in just a couple of months.
We've had a 6-figure launch which could not have been possible without her guidance and support with Facebook ads.
I'd recommend Shay to anyone who wants to have a real expert overtake their Facebook ads headache, because she knows what she is doing!”
Daria Zest, Business Success Coach for Female Coaches
“Shay is smart about Facebook Ads, fun to work with, and adaptable when strategy needs to be adjusted. In the ever changing landscape of what is Facebook it’s awesome to have a partner that is not only willing to change and adapt, but she’s open to adjusting, hearing feedback, and continually learning to stay on top of the latest trends.
She monitors and spends on ads like they are her own. With Shay's help and my amazing team, we've had 2 over 6-figure launches the last 2 years. Our average lead for cold traffic was around $3.50 per lead and warm traffic around $2 per lead. My partnership with Shay on the Facebook Ads front is one that can’t be beat.”

Amber McCue, Business Strategist


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