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You’ve got big dreams and ambitions! Being a successful person is important to you. Especially when it comes to your family and your business. You want to achieve ALL your goals – short-term & long-term, I get it. But you feel the nuggets of self-doubt, fear and stress pop up.

If this sounds like you, well, the good news is that you are NOT ALONE. It is 100% normal, especially with everything going on to doubt your abilities, knowledge, and success. But what if I told you there is a way to overcome this nagging thought process to focus on personal development?

That there’s a way for you to reduce those thoughts and create small, actionable shifts in your life and business.

It’s true! It’s not some super secret magic formula! Wouldn't that be nice? When you become aware and start to adjust, things will DRASTICALLY change. And that’s a promise I’m willing to bet on. Especially if you’re willing to do the work. I’m diving into how a mindset change can set you up for success. Read more to discover how a small shift in your attitude can bring on extraordinary changes in your life!

Shift Your Mindset To Change Your Business
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But First – What is Mindset?

Our mindset is all our inner beliefs, biases, and assumptions.

According to Dictionary.com mindset means: a fixed attitude, disposition, or mood.

How I interpret the definition is that we carry a fixed attitude or “trust” in something that we were told or taught. It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s 100% true. But it’s something we turn into truth for us.

For example, these “truths” or beliefs get internalized and start shaping your mindset. This will mold you into the person you become and how you perceive life and the world.

The secret? It can be transformed if you put in the work!

Running a business and managing your personal life with kids activities is a lot to manage. And on top that, I'm suppose to maintain a social life, too? Breathe. I know, it can be a lot to handle and often brings a lot of obstacles to your life. You may come across people on social media or in your circle that seem to have everything together. And if you're like me, you've wondered many times how you can achieve that level of zen.

Well, it all lies in habit creation and changing your perspective. To become a more successful business person, you need to own who you are, what your brand stands for, and be clear-minded about your goals. You can only do this when you start viewing everything with a confident and positive approach.

It’s human to fall into negative emotions, insecurities, and depressing thoughts. Even the most successful business owners have days like this. And while you might not have control over external factors, you do hold the reins on how you react and control your emotions. It is 100% OKAY to change how you react. Coming to this realization will make all the difference in the world.

How Do You Shift Your Mindset?

Having the good life you dream of IS possible. The truth is, you gotta let go of control (I know, I know – but you can do this) and you have to allow yourself to be open to possibility. I know this sounds a little too good to be true, but it’s not. You still have to do the work. I’m doing the work DAILY. Some days it’s easy and other days I want to scream and throat punch someone. Of course, I don’t actually throat punch someone – I might scream into a pillow or find a movie that I can cry at. It’s about pushing yourself forward.

Here are seven steps you can start taking today to shift your mindset and influence how successful a person (and business owner) you become!

Identify Any Harmful Beliefs Or Biases You May Have And Challenge Them

Everyone has harmful biases that they’ve developed in life. It's all the stories that we made to be true. But as you become aware, it becomes your responsibility. It's in your hands whether you want to hold onto negativity and destructive beliefs. Or you can challenge them and let them go. And I know holding onto them will hold you back from so many different opportunities.

I would even dare you to challenge negative thoughts you have about yourself or others. This will push you to become a more open-minded person. This will open you up to a positive mindset, and it will change the way you conduct your life and business! It won’t be easy, but it is a necessary battle to shift your mindset to a more healthy presence of mind.

Understand That Every “Failure” Is A Good Thing

In life, it’s very normal to fail and face rejection. The way we typically view failure is that it’s the worst possible outcome. But what if, instead of taking every failure as a personal loss, you took it as a lesson learned? Shift your mindset to accept that every mistake you make and every failure you experience has a learning point. It might not be easy, but imagine knowing that you're one mistake closer to the life you're imagining.

You now hold powerful information on why you failed and what not to do the next time. You gain experience and knowledge from every single defeat you face. The experience and knowledge will become an effective tool in making you the best version of you.

Stop Trying To Impress Others – Focus On Your Core Values

As a business owner, you want to put yourself out there to gain more business. But your goal shouldn’t be to impress others and follow suit with what other businesses are doing. To achieve your dreams, you need to start standing out authentically. With the development of social media, it is so easy to access and consume all kinds of media. And it is very easy to adopt something that works for others, hoping it’ll work for you. Doesn't that feel icky though? It also puts me into the comparison game and I'm not here for it!

The only way you'll achieve personal satisfaction is to focus on your core values and be you! And imagine when you show up like that? Your clients will LOVE it and keep coming back for more.

Copying other businesses’ strategies won’t grow your business or your life. And you will continuously feel defeated. So start owning what you stand for and shift that mindset to believe in yourself.

Shift Your Mindset To Change Your Business
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Be Open To Learning, Growing & Adjusting

A growth mindset is a key to developing yourself as a person and your business. Assuming that you know best and there is no need for improvement is nothing more than your ego taking the reins. Instead, take a step back and acknowledge that there are so many learning opportunities in the world.

You are constantly exposed to different people from different backgrounds and experiences. Assuming that you know better than them is holding you back from unlocking your potential. Be open to learning new things and consequently growing into a better person. A growth mindset is accepting that there is always something new to discover and learn about the world and yourself. Opening your eyes to that possibility will bring an abundance of wealth in all aspects of yourself.

Accept Feedback & Criticism Without Taking It Personally

Feedback and criticism are meant to benefit you, especially when it comes to business. So why is it so hard to accept? It’s in our nature as humans to take it personally, but I know I definitely had to stop doing that. I had to look at it differently. And I realized it wasn’t really a “personal attack.”

I had to really take that initial first reaction and stop it. And then I would process the information given to me. You could always take a step back and then think about what was said. Stay calm and remind yourself that there is always something to take from criticism. You are the only person who gets to control how you react to a situation and what emotions to show.

So when you receive feedback, thank them, ask questions for any further clarifications, and move forward with this in mind. But let go of the habit of taking criticism personally.

That’s exactly what I do – I say, “Thank you.” And then I move on. If I don’t have to immediately respond, then I sit with it and think about it and how I can adjust if I feel it’s true after I’ve sat with it.

Referring back to the previous point – you are constantly growing, and any feedback is good for the growth of yourself and your business

Congratulate Yourself

When someone in your close circle succeeds in something, you are quick to congratulate them and celebrate with them. But do you do the same for yourself? This is huge in changing your life and setting you up for success. When you have a setback, you feel guilty and talk down to yourself.

Turn that around and instead, for every small win you have, learn to congratulate yourself! It might be a pat on the back or a mini dance party, but choosing to be proud of yourself will set you up for more success. Train your brain to think that you are your own best friend first and see how much your life changes. Making this super simple changes to your thought process will transform the way you view yourself, your goals, and your successes.

Practice How To Be Grateful

In this day and age, it’s typical to yearn for more, want to be the best, and keep winning. But it’s important to remember to be grateful for what you already have. This mindfulness practice will help you shift your mindset and make everything fall into place for you. If you practice this every day, it will be one of the most powerful ways to succeed in your life and business.

I also do my best to add in feel good things everyday too. While it doesn't always work, it definitely helps me to move more towards gratitude and feeling less blah.

Setting your thought pattern to be grateful for things you already have in your life will help you recognize what matters. You will even stop giving importance to every negative thought and obstacle. You will find yourself thinking about the good things and all the lessons you’ve learned along the way. Practicing gratefulness seems like a simple feat. Let's be honest though, it's called practice for a reason. It requires CONSTANT practice, but you'll start to see things differently. It will help to mold your mindset and help you grow into the best version of yourself!

In Conclusion – Shift Your Mindset

As a business owner, it’s standard to feel bouts of anxiety, self-doubt, and frustration. But you don’t have to do that your whole life. There is no timeline you have to follow. Your ideas, goals, ambitions, and dreams are 100% possible to achieve with a side dish of happiness!

All of this can come with a simple mindset shift! It will change your life as you know it and help you become the best version of yourself. Mindset shifts will open you up to more possibilities and change how you perceive the world.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone, and everyone faces struggles. But how you discern these struggles and choosing how to move forward can be the factor that helps you and your business stand out from the rest.

We covered seven ways to start to shift your mindset to change your life and set you up for success. Hopefully, these points have inspired you to start making small changes today to transform your mindset.

Get ready for success heading your way!

All it takes is a simple shift to move things forward in your life. Learn how to shift your mindset so that you keep moving forward.
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