We don't get the results we want and yet we want to blame everything else but ourselves, right? It's the tools we use, it's the people who don't want “it.” But is that really the case?

Probably not, sorry sweet tart!

The issue is probably that you haven't decide content and products that your ideal client or your target audience wants. Let me share with you what I've learned from running ads for hundreds of people and how creating a content strategy should be done.

One of the main things I've seen is that most people jump into social media without any plan and just start posting stuff that doesn't resonate.  You can't create content on the fly and expect it to convert for you.  Let's talk about what can and will help you create a content strategy based on getting more conversions while building a relationship with your target audience.

When I first started creating content, I wrote about everything and I didn't have a clear plan or path as to where people were going to go.  It had nothing to do with my products or services and I wasn't building relationships with the right audience.

How To Create a Simple Content Strategy

Let's get down to the nitty gritty and how you can get focused with your content strategy.

First, let's ask yourself – what are your products? What are your services?

If you don't know this, we need to hop on free strategy session and get you clear on your next steps.

Now, your #1 focus is to create content around your products and services.

You should ask yourself these questions:

  • What questions am I constantly being asked by clients and potential clients?
  • What problems can I sole for my clients through my writing?
  • What can I write that will set me up as an authority in my field?
  • What are my potential clients Googling?

These are a few questions that will help you brainstorm 100 ideas so that you can create content, videos, podcasts, etc and keep it flowing.

Something I've created is a Google Doc with ideas of what types of content I can create to help you further yourself in life and business.  As I started asking myself these questions and doing research, I was able to come up with topics and have my assistant help me come up with topics.  I also have added Google Docs to my phone so I can add any new ideas when they come to me. It is so helpful!

Take 10 – 20 minutes if you have time and start to brainstorm. What did you come up with?

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