Ease, Grace & A Whole Lotta Planning

Creating a business that feels 100% like you doesn’t have to be as HARD as we make it. Everyone Shay Snapshot Los Angelesand their mom wants to tell you what to do when, how to do it and it doesn’t bleed you (it should, it is your business!), right? I know….

It’s not about what you’re being told to do, it is about getting YOUR MESSAGE out there in a way that feels good to you and that resonates with your audience.

What do they want? What do you want to project onto them? How do you want to feel? How do you want to make them feel?

This is what you should be thinking about when you are creating your content, your offers and your funnels.

Are you creating customer journeys (AKA funnels) and content that are in alignment with your business? For me, I want ease and more time, so each offer that I’m creating allows me to have more time with my family and still gives 100% to each client that I work with.  

What do you want your business to look like?  What do your offers look like? Are you on the hamster wheel without the ability to jump off? I’ve been there.

It’s your time, time to create a solid Marketing Funnel that will work for you (you are the damn CEO, something needs to work FOR you) while freeing up time to work ON your business, not IN your business.

Content Map Formula

The thing with content & your funnel is that it’s more than creating it when “creativity” strikes, it is about creating actionable steps so that your prospect knows what to do next. Don't leave it to chance, be clear and share what they need to do!

PS. This allows you to get out of the small details and back into the CEO role in your business.

Your content map will be your guide in how you create your offers and content and knowing what you want to offer ahead of time will free up creative space to market.  Instead of waiting until the morning you want to offer something and doing it all willy nilly, you’ll have a plan in place to guide you AND that will help build steady income streams.

We'll deep dive to create a strategy, content formula and what specific topics and actions you're going to take to build your empire. 


Who is this for?

This IS FOR you if…

  • You’re ready to layout your free offer, funnel emails & content marketing plan 
  • You are ready to have a clear content & marketing strategy so you’re not just “blogging” or creating videos without a purpose
  • You understand the importance of having a funnel and you’re 100% ready to add in some automation to your business

Who is this NOT for?

This ISN’T for you if….

  • You aren’t ready to get your content in order
  • You want to continue without a plan
  • You don’t have any real offers that you have in mind

What Will We Do?

Dun dun dun. It’s the question everyone asks, well, the actual question is: What is in it for me? Let’s see ALL the value you’re going to get with this offer. 

How will you feel with a fully planned out funnel?

Will there be a sense of accomplishment? 

Will you feel good knowing that your business is becoming a well oiled machine? You mean, it can't work without you? Ding ding ding! The bell is ringing and it's time for you to check out for the day. Oh wait, you'll still be bringing in leads without having to post to 32342 Facebook Groups. 

Heavenly, right?

We’re going to reverse psychology your funnel. We’re going to look at what the end result and go from there.  If its coaching, then we’re going to create a freebie and funnel that gets them to book a call with you. If it’s a course, we’re going to work through creating content pieces that market your course.

You Will Receive:

Content Plan

Woop woop! You won't need to think about what to write about again. We'll map out your

Women working at desk In a creative office, team work

  • Free offer
  • Email series
  • Landing page copy
  • Blog article topics(for re-targeting with call to actions in each post)

We won't leave anything up to chance. We will map out any promos that you want to have and make sure there are blog articles and content created around the promos, so you aren’t going into it clueless.

Funnel Creation

As long as you have 2 offers to give, we will create funnels around them.  If you already have emails created, I will review with you and we will edit, tweak and perfect the emails to make sure you are coming away with sales to your products or strategy calls booked.

If you do not have 2 offers, then we will brainstorm and map out offers for you to create and start building out the funnel that works for you.

Facebook Ad Copy

As you know, Facebook Ads are my jam! You'll have Facebook Ads for your free offer ready to go once we're done.  We'll go over who your ideal audience and who you'll be targeting. 

We'll discuss what images to test out and what images will work best for your particular image. One photo DOES NOT fit all and we're going to get down to it. Holy conversions batman.

What you’ll get:

There certainly can't be MORE. You betcha!

  • 5 Hours off one on one time with me
  • Clarity & Focus– Imagine how hard it is to get crystal clear on what your next steps are in your biz. We're going from frazzled to  creating a business that feels so good and cozy to you. It'll feel like home.  
  • Focus – You won’t be frazzled (just dazzled) with how many different directions you’re being pull in. We will set clear and concise goals and action steps for you to implement with your content and you can go back to being the CEO of your business
  • Ease – Creating a business can be difficult, especially when you don't know which way to turn.  Let's keep you on the right side of the road and put your blinders on! We've got one focus and it's bringing your business to life!
  • Facebook Ads Mini Course – You'll know exactly what to do inside of Power Editor to create a success campaign and I'll be there to guide you through each step.  This is a new release coming out within the next couple of weeks and it is yours!
  • 2 30 Minute follow up calls – This is built in accountability. You'll get it done and implemented because I'll want to see it before our final call. 

You ready? Let's move from talking the talk to walking the walk. It's go time!

Price: $1997 $1497

Pay In Full

NOTE: There are payment plans, but you must book a discovery call with me before you can signup on a payment plan. You can book that HERE.

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