Yay ­ I’m so happy to be co-creating with you! This is our starting place. Mostly everything I will need will be in here, please answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge and let’s get rockin’!
Step 1
Please add images to your Google Drive Image folder – you can use the form to the right or share a folder with me using info@soulfueledlife.com.

Step 2
Please add me to your FB Ads Manager as an account advertiser & FB Business Page as an editor. If we are not already friends, you can search for me using my email (shay.jordan@gmail.com). If you need a walkthrough to do this, see the videos below!

If you have pixels already set up, please let me know. I’m more than happy to add them to your WordPress, Leadpages or Squarespace site ­if I need to. Please make me an editor on your WordPress or Squarespace site. With Leadpages I will need your login information please.

For retargeting, I'll create custom audiences and custom conversion pixels. I'll get links from you as we build out the launch.

Video Tutorial for FB Ads Manager
Video Tutorial for FB Business Page:

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