Yay ­ I’m so happy to rock your Facebook Ads!  This is where we'll get started. Below you will find instructions and next steps!
Step 1
Please fill out the intake form by clicking on the button below! It will take you the questionnaire. Please answer it as best as you can. This will help me do audience insight and research so we are targeting the right people for your launch/program/product.

Step 2
Please add images to your Google Drive  or Dropbox folder and share them with info@soulfueledlife.com.

Step 3
Please watch both videos below. One is to add me to your FB Business Profile and the second video is to give me your account number so that I can add you to my Biz Manager.  If we are not already friends, you can search for me using my email (shay.jordan@gmail.com).

If you have pixels already set up, please let me know. I’m more than happy to add them to your WordPress, Leadpages or Squarespace site ­if I need to. Please make me an editor on your WordPress or Squarespace site. With Leadpages I will need your login information please.

Video Tutorial to Add A Person To Your Facebook Business Page
Video Tutorial to find your Ads Account Number:

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