So I've had this Facebook Ad question time and time again and I figured I'd just write out a quick blog post on what the average Facebook Ad conversion rates are.  NOTE: These are averages, these aren't exact or guarantees at all because I'm not in Facebook's algorithm and I don't control if your clients are going to opt-in, click-through, read, or whatever your objective with your ads might be :).

I've worked with & created Facebook Ads for: Health Coaches, Business Coaches, Fitness Coaches, Life Coaches, Beachbody Coaches, Lawyers, Therapists, Schools and more… so this isn't my first rodeo.

I've seen some of the craziest offers, some of the most amazing offers and created awesome retargeting campaigns. But you know what? Each and every single one of them are different from the other because of the person, the target market, the offers, etc.

From what I've seen for current and past clients within the last 6 months for free offers and opt-ins, the conversion rates have been between $1 – 3 per conversion.  That's the average. I did some research for a new niche I'll be working in and I've seen their conversion rates be between $2 – 5 for a free offer.

This is for mostly national and international people. You'll have to factor in if you're targeting local with smaller audiences or if you're in a highly specific niche.

My friend Adrienne Richardson, who works with high end clients has said that she's seen conversion rates for opt-ins for about the same price.

For webinars, I've seen anywhere from $2 -5/6 per webinar registrant. Rick Mulready (who is a FB Ads Wizard) said webinar registrants could go anywhere from $3 – 10. Others have said their average is $5 per registrant. In my opinion, I find it is more expensive to get someone to register for a webinar because it is taking their time. Not only are you getting their email address, but you're trying to get them to sit still for 60 – 90 minutes to listen to you teach.

Total side note: Try to keep webinars under 90 minutes, preferably 60, especially if isn't 75% content. I've been on webinars that I've instantly unsubscribed from their newsletter list because it was 100% fluff for the first 45 minutes and there is no way in hell it should take you that long to lead up to the content. Respect their time and give them amazing value.

Real Talk About Facebook Ads

One thing that I've seen with some people over the last month is that they are TOO focused on the conversion rate. While the conversion rate IS important, it is MORE important that you're focusing on the ROI and if you're closing the people you are building that relationship with.

For example, if you're creating your Facebook Ads and you're spending $3 per lead to get onto your list and you add 100 people to your list. That's $300 ($3 per lead x 100 people). Let's say 5 of those people by your $997 product.  That's $4985 that you made.  Now you'd take the $300 from your $4985 and you would have profited $4685.

If you're selling high end coaching, you'd probably profit even more. But you get my point? Not only will you make a profit if your funnel is set up properly, but you could make multiple sales while you're building that relationship, just make sure that you're focusing on the right thing.

It's really interesting though the different mindset people who are super successful with Facebook Ads vs those that just “play” around with them. They are way more concerned about closing the sale and serving their clients over the numbers.

I would suggest that if you only have $1,000 or less for your budget for ads, that you should learn how to create ads and focus on learning what works for your audience and then outsource it. Not only does it help you learn about the numbers, but it gives you a realistic expectation for what works with your target audience.

One more piece of advice… make sure you have a pixel on your site.  It's so important for retargeting and you can use that down the road.  I won't go too advanced with that, but just know it is important to make sure you have your website and offers pixeled.

I hope this helped you with what you expect for your conversion rates.  Now remember, this isn't 100% exact, this is my experience and from what I've heard from others.  Test and see what works for you 🙂

Have you tested? What were your results? I'd love to know – please share in the comments!!!

PS – I just started my podcast and I'm SOOOOO proud of it. It's not perfect, but it took me over 1 1/2 years to get it started and its done :). Check it out HERE.

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