I love writing, but ideas don't always come to me easily. Especially when it comes to writing content for my business.  One of my passion projects is a holiday blog! I'm excited to be jumping more into that now that fall is here. Honestly, some of the ideas come to be easier over there than it does here. Have you ever felt that? 

A client of mine asked me how I come up with ideas and we spent one of her hours working with me, coming up with 25 – 30 topics for her to write on. That way she would always have content. And once you get going with content, it's easy to take that and run with a new piece of content. It got me thinking, and I figured, I'd start regularly posting writing ideas that maybe could spark some article posts topics for you too.

This doesn't mean that you need to take each idea an write about it, of course. It just means that hopefully it helps you come up with something that resonates and makes it a little easier for you.

One thing I do want to suggest with each blog that you write is to have a Call to Action at the end of each article encouraging your readers to sign up. In my Complete Content Planning Spreadsheet, there is actually a place for you to keep track of all of your free offers – check it out! If your call to action isn't a freebie,  for something or check out a video or something that gets them to take an action.  This is something I am working on too. 

With that said, let's jump into some ideas and hopefully get you writing!

September Writing & Blogging Ideas

  1. Talk about how you manage your day – Managing a day is like orchestrating a symphony with a kazoo, isn't it? Share your secret sauce for getting through the daily grind. How do you keep everything in tune?
  2. Favorite websites that you visit regularly – Where do you hang out online? Whether for business insights or pleasure, let's hear about what feeds your soul and boosts your creativity.
  3. A Book that changed your life – We all have that one book that slapped us awake. Dive deep into that transformational tome and share how it redefined your world. PS – I am deep into The Calling right now. It's soooo good and definitely has me rethinking how I run my business and life.
  4. Who your biz crush is right now – Got a business idol that's rocking your world? Tell your audience all about them. What are they doing that makes you say “YAAAS”?
  5. Your favorite positive affirmations – Spread those good vibes! Share the mantras that keep you going and might put a sparkle in someone else's day.
  6. A video or picture tour of your workspace – I'm really nosy and I love looking at the behind the scenes stuff. I know a lot of people do.
  7. What is the next big thing you want to accomplish – It's accountability time! Share your dreams and plans. What are you shouting from the virtual rooftops?
  8. Favorite season (now that fall is coming) and why that helps you in your business – When fall is here for me, it feels like a fresh start to me. I feel more business-y and cozy, it is like I hit my sweet spot. Don't ask why, I think its some subconscious thing that goes on with me that puts me into business overdrive.
  9. 3 daily practices you can't do without – What's your secret trifecta for success? Let's hear about those rituals that keep you on track.
  10. Tell your story – what made you decide to get into the specific business you're in. Your journey is a saga worth sharing. Be authentic and tell us what led you down this path.
  11. Behind the scenes look at your business (where your time goes, how you create, etc) – Time for an in-depth tour of how you hustle. Show us where your time goes, how you create, and what makes your business hum.
  12. What's the #1 question you get asked and how you answer it – Debunk those myths and answer those burning questions that everyone is curious about. You can even add a call to action to get people to sign up for a strategy session with you.
  13. Your favorite Masterminds you've been a part of – Share what has shaped you, your mind and your business growth. This is a good time to be a bit vulnerable too. And if they have affiliate links, use them.
  14. A limiting belief you had and how you overcame it – What mental chains have you broken? Serve up the wisdom on how you overcame barriers.
  15. Top tools you use that helps your business run smoothly – What tech keeps your business purring like a well-oiled machine? Share your secrets and make our lives easier too!

And many more!

Even if you wrote one a week and you loved all these, you now have 3.5 months worth of topics to start writing and exploring with.

Not only are most of these simple for you to write about, but it makes you appear more real and helps you start to build that relationship. It also touches them at the “heart” level versus the “sales” level.

Content Planning

Obviously I wouldn't put all of these together at once. I would take some of the topics above and spread them out weekly so that you're building out content that speaks to your ideal client.

Not only are you creating the know, like and trust but you're creating timeless content that people will come back to.

Do you create a content plan? If so, leave a comment below sharing how you create yours!

Note: Some links in this post are affiliate links, and we will be compensated when you make a purchase by clicking through our links. Thank you. Read our disclosure + terms here.

September Writing & Blog Ideas Prompts
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