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Holy guacamole, can you believe 2022 flew by faster than a chicken on a trampoline? But don't worry, I accomplished more than a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest and I'm ready to set my 2023 goals on fire (in a good way). So let’s do this!

I did not do a very good job of managing my 2022 goals – I was a bit of a hot mess express. Hello personal life.

And it's true – We had a lot of life happen last year and I’m just grateful I made it out alive. Hallelujah!

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Okay, let’s get mostly serious – I want to share with you how I plan out my personal goals and business goals and the main questions that I ask when I’m creating them and goal setting.

I'll share some behind-the-scenes of my journey, and maybe you'll pick up some tips along the way. And here's a little secret – I used to hold back from starting because I wanted everything to be just right. But remember, progress is better than perfection. Let's make it happen!

So… when I’m looking to create goals for a new month, quarter or year, I have a few questions that I ask myself.

  1. How do I want to feel?
  2. What will move me closer to my big vision?
  3. What’s important to me in this season of my life?
  4. Do you have new priorities? What priorities have changed for this season?
  5. What will you leave behind that won’t help you move forward?

Of course, you can use these questions. If there are other questions that you are called to, poof, you have permission to use those too! This process is about what works best for you. And I’m just sharing as I’m building out my goals, what works best for me.

2023 Goals

As you’ll see below, I want to keep it super basic for this year. I don’t want to overextend myself. And I want to go more internal this year. I want to connect more to myself and show up for me.

I want to be an example for my kids in that. That means less “bigger” goals and I’m 100% okay with that.

Let’s jump right in.

2023 Goals – Personal Growth Goal

  1. Workout 4x a week – reduce body fat % by 10%.
  2. Complete 1 house project a month
  3. Do one thing outside of my comfort zone a month
  4. Twice monthly game/movie nights with the family. Essentially, I want us to be spending time with each other more.

Our kids are getting older and they still like to hang out with us, fortunately. Spending time with them is really important to me. And I really want to savor that time with them for as long as they want to hang out with us. I’d love to do more family nights than just two a month. But with both kids in 2 club sports each, it’s hard to get time to eat dinner together. And if I'm being honest, I also am working on work life balance too but I can't be goal setting all the things friends. So there's that. Lord help me.

For my fitness goal, I am ready to take my self-care to the next level. My doctor and I had a talk and at my age, she said I shouldn’t wait too much longer to consistently lift weights. Up until this year, I was lifting weights but life happened. However, even if life happens in 2023, I plan on getting back on that weightlifting horse and getting back to the best version of me that I can be.

This isn't really a “goal” but more of a lifestyle too, but I wanted to share it with you. I plan on focusing on a better sleep schedule too. Right now I don't have a consistent sleep schedule and I find that it isn't help me to be as productive or high energy as I would like. So this is an overall theme for this year. To really get a fresh start and create a consistent sleep schedule.

So these are my personal goals and they feel really great to start. And what I like even more is that they are actionable goals that I can track and share with you. I find that when you don't create goals that you can track, it's much harder to quantify if it's working for you.

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Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

2023 Business Goal Setting

  1. Create 600K in revenue (not profit) in my business – Ideally before taking out taxes and my salary, I’d like to profit 450K in my business.
  2. Revamp SEO – While I will be using paid advertising, SEO is a BIG part of my 2023 business & content strategy
  3. Build out my digital product store. By the end of 2023, I’d like to have 25 digital products. To put things into perspective, I’ll start with 5.

My goals for my business are a direct reflection of how I want to feel this year. I don’t want to do all the extra work people tell you, that you have to do. I know it can be done differently and I plan on doing it differently. And once it’s done, I’m going to share it with you. That way you can do it too, if you feel called to.

I’m also going to create a whole separate video and article specifically for Business Goals. Because while this is the “general” 10,000 foot overview, I do have some strategy with content and marketing that I plan on utilizing!

2023 Financial Money Goals

  1. Pay off all credit card debt (about 40K) and go back to using them and paying them off monthly. I’ve been pretty sloppy this past year and not really myself and it’s time to get my shit together. So my goal is to be credit card debt free. And not to spend money all willy nilly. But I do believe in the power of affirmations and energy – but that's a whole different post.
  2. Save money – about 15K in personal savings.

That’s it for me for the goals part. Let’s jump into how I want to feel this year.

Goal Ideas

If you need help coming up with 2023 goal ideas, here are some for you to choose from:

  • Financial Goals
  • Health Goals/Fitness Goals
  • Personal Development Goals
  • Mental Health Goals
  • Self-Care Goals
  • Friends and Family Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Career Goals
  • Educational Goals

These are just some areas to get your goal ideas flowing. I know goal setting isn't easy sometimes. For me, it took a bit longer than I expected this year to set goals. Also, I want you to note that I didn't call them New Year's Resolutions. I think that calling them that sets us up for failure because every year we come up with “goal ideas” and set them. And then we assume we're going to stick to our New Year's Resolutions plan and we don't.

I'd create this as an ongoing look at your life and what you want to bring forth each week, month, quarter and year.

2023 goals and goal setting tips
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Photo by Tron Le on Unsplash

2023 Core Desired Feelings In My Life This Year

Every year I do a brief overview of Danielle Laporte’s, The Desire Map book and it helps me to get clear and grounded on how I want to show up.

This helps me to remember what’s important to me and my clients.

And also, according to Very Well Mind, emotions and feelings play a HUGE role in how we think and behave. If I am being proactive with it, which you can do too, it lets ME control my emotions. Not the other way around. I get to choose these feelings and these emotions versus being REACTIVE to what life throws at me.

Here’s what I want to feel this year.


Everything I do I want to be intentional about it. Of course, I’m going to have downtime. Of course, I’ll have days where I’ll probably binge Netflix.

It’s more about the time:

  • I’m at my desk and working on content or client work
  • Spending with my family
  • I’m going on date nights with my husband
  • Going out with friends

It’s about being intentional with the time I have and spending it in a way that matters to me. I also find when I am focused on being intentional it helps with my inner calm. As someone with ADHD, I find that my mind is running so much. When I set intentions, I do find that I'm more focused and that helps so much.


As I said above when I was talking about my 2023 goals, I want to be more connected to myself. I do think being connected to myself will help me to also connect with others who are taking the time to get to know themselves better too. My intent with this is to listen to my body, listen to my intuition, listen to the nudges that I get.

This also might sound like I’m a few French fries short of a happy meal, but I want to get to a point where I fully trust myself. Maybe that’s a mythical unicorn that’s just not there, but I’m gonna try to find that unicorn as I learn to build this trust out for me.

I do also think that this means I need to practice self-care too. I've reduced that over the last year and it shows. It's more than just the superficial stuff, it's more about going internal and addressing issues. It's about creating positive self-talk and self-confidence to move me to the next level.

Again, I know this won't be perfect but it's more about the awareness.

Sensual & Feminine

Oh snap! This is a bit awkward, hey? Not really. These two words feel like one in the same to me, which is why they’re together. I want to own my sensuality. I used to feel so feminine and mysterious and I lost that somehow when I became a mom and focused more on others versus myself.

Now it’s time to reclaim these feelings. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it. I might even LOOK CRAZY while figuring it out. But I’m sure as hell gonna try!


Yes queen! I’m here to have more fun and try new things. That means dancing on the beach, cooking classes, bungee jumping, maybe? I want to get out of my comfort zone and into the fun zone. I do think this is going to complement getting re-connected to myself. I’m going to figure out things I like or don’t and that feels fabulous to me!

Final Thoughts

Alrighty queen, I laid all my goals for 2023 out there! I’m pretty freaken pumped for this year especially for more self-care and fun. If you don’t want to do much of anything, at least take the time to set intentions about how you want to feel this year.

Have you finished setting goals for 2023? If so, share with me!

I'm sharing my 2023 goals with you.
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