I'm ready to reinvent myself. It's time. At least it feels like time. Think of the woman you’ve always wanted to be. What does she look like? How does she experience life? Where are her priorities?

These are questions I asked myself as I move into this version of “her” that I’m committed to becoming.

Follow along as I share with you the steps to becoming ‘her’, based on my own journey of reinvention and personal growth. Come along! Listen on the podcast below or on iTunes or Spotify.

Listen out for: 

  • How I Came Up With “I’m Her” And What It Means [1:05]
  • Importance of “Future You Writing” When Reinventing Yourself [4:24]
  • My My Four Areas Of Focus To Becoming “Her”
    • Mindset: Quiet The Noise, Amplify The Good [6:15]
    • Health: The 75 Soft Challenge  [13:37]
    • Family: All About Quality Time [17:56]
    • Business: Nurturing Areas Of Growth [19:11]
  • & Many More

Watch the video:

Goals To Reinvent Myself

Before I dive in to talk about what my goals are and how I’m going to reinvent myself, I want to share with you the biggest thing that I’m going to be doing to get there.

It’s called, “Future You Writing.” In a sense, it’s writing this as if it’s already happened. I’ll speak more on this when I get there. But I wanted to share it with you now because I’m going to call it journaling but it’s not just that. It’s way more than that.


  1. Focus on me, understanding my feelings and recognizing feelings are things I can change and aren’t 100%
  2. I want to evolve more into who I am and learn about myself more and focus less on fitting in and what others expect of me.
  3. I want to focus on more of the positive and growth within myself as well. I’m not talking about being perfect all the time either. I will still feel my emotions.
  4. I will recognize that an emotion is JUST that. It’s something I choose to feel and it’s something I can 100% change.

Action steps for you:

  • Step into your power, take the necessary steps to remove the clutter and drama from your life.
  • We were on a girls trip a couple years ago and my friend and I were in the spa and we were talking about joy and happiness. She mentioned this mom who had been through so much but still showed up so happy and peaceful and the biggest take away was to protect your peace.
  • Mindset, peace and joy are life. If you are consistently with energy vampires, shut that down.
  • Journaling… I’m journaling on the mindset my new version of me would have…writing it in present tense as if it’s already happened


  • I’m starting the 75 Soft Challenge
    • Talk about what the 75 hard challenge is versus what the 75 soft challenge is
    • Exercise should be 45 minutes 6-days a week and a 7th day is an “active recovery” day.My exercise will consist of walking, HIIT, yoga, etc. On the active recovery day, it will be yoga, pilates and/or walking.
    • I’ll be reading 10 pages a day with this one.
      • Here are the 2 books I’m reading/listening to:
        • I’m listening to The Calling by Rha Goddess – I got the hard copy because of the amazing questions that she asks in it and I needed to really reflect on them.
        • I’m reading Jay Shetty’s 8 Rules Of Love
    • I’ll be drinking 3 Liters of water, rounding up to 102oz of water each day
    • For health, it says to eat healthy but I’ve not done a good job this summer of ensuring I’m eating enough protein, so my goal is to focus on getting at least 60 – 80 grams of protein a day
    • Intermittent fasting

Action steps for you:

  • Journaling again: What is the future me going to be? And I’m writing it as if it’s already done. For example: I workout daily and my body feels so good when I’m done working out
  • I eat the best foods that nourish my body.
  • What is your purpose with your health? How do you want to feel?


  • Bring on 2 New Done For You FB Ads Clients – that is my biggest one right now.
  • YouTube – once a week posting, then increase to twice a week once the kids school schedule gets settled in
    • Content on this channel will be about running a Facebook Ads agency while still wanting to live life and better myself
  • Podcast – I could turn some of the podcasts I do into YouTube videos but I don’t know how that will do for views
  • New freebie for my FB Ads Agency
  • Daily Success Tracker that’s free but I need to build out the email series and put more offers into the emails
    • I want to test a low monthly subscription offer – like $7 or $9/month for beta and then I’ll increase it. But it would be accountability
    • The biggest thing I’ve heard my coaching clients say is that they don’t feel like they have someone holding their hand or helping them figure out what steps to take

Action steps for you:

  • Journaling again


  1. Weekly date night/walk with my husband
  2. Spend more time with the kids. But they don’t want me sharing their goals so I’m just going to leave that at that.


“My son got into the car yesterday after football and goes “Mom, I’m him. I killed it at football today.” And I was like, ‘Let me write that down quick.’ So I took my notebook out and I was like, I’m ‘Her’. It’s not ‘It Girl’ or ‘That Girl’. I’m ‘Her’. I am going to be the person I am going to be creating over this next 90 day journey and I get to share that with you.” [1:08]

“I want you to take time to start the “Future You Writing”. You can start by saying I am someone who is kind to everyone. I am someone who could see the good. I am someone who stands up for me. I am someone who fits in with myself.” [12:05]

“You will do incredible things when you take the time to script what you want your life to look like. And then as you start to do that, you’re going to start to put into place the habits and you’re going to see yourself in a different light. Before, I didn’t see myself having this conversation with you — and now I’m doing that damn thing.” [24:35]

Resources Mentioned 

🔗 Article – The 75 Soft Challenge: The Soft Alternative to The 75 Hard Challenge

🔗 Book – The Calling: 3 Fundamental Shifts to Stay True, Get Paid, and Do Good

🔗 Book – 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go

🔗 Service – My Done For You & Done With You Facebook Ads Agency

🔗 Freebie – Daily Success Tracker 


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Ep. 11 - I'm ‘Her’: 90 Days To Reinvent Myself & Change My Habits As A Working Mom
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