There comes a point where we recognize that we want to create a change. Whether that’s producing more in our business, losing weight, or whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. We all want to do something different. Change a habit which will create a new result in your life or business. And honestly, our first instinct is to go ALL in. But as many of us have discovered, this approach can be too overwhelming to maintain.

Habit and Confidence Coach Michelle Bazinet joins us in today’s episode to introduce an alternative strategy — taking unrealistic expectations around our goals and learning how to create Laughable Habits.

And we are going to talk about how we can build new habits into our daily routines without having to give up HOURS of our day.

I’m so excited to have you listen to this podcast. We had so many great conversations around this! You can listen below or on iTunes or Spotify.

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  • Get To Know Habit And Confidence Coach Michelle Bazinet [0:21]
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  • Laughable Habits, Explained [19:29]
  • What Do Laughable Habits Look Like? [22:28]
  •  & Many More!


“I call it a laughable habit — creating habits that are so ridiculously simple that they make you laugh. Like I want someone to hear me speak and laugh and say, ‘You’re ridiculous, Michelle, thinking that doing just that is going to help me achieve my goal.’. Because what happens is, we live in this world where we want things to change fast. We want to build that business fast. We want to lose weight fast. We want to have all the habits fast. But change happens in small increments. There are some people who could suddenly flip the switch and they can be all-in and make the change. I think for the majority for us, it’s creating small bits of change [21:21]

“I did a workshop last Wednesday, we were talking about Laughable Habits. One of my coaching clients was there and she was talking about the thing that I taught her, which was just getting up five minutes earlier. And the woman sitting next to her, she’s like, ‘Oh my god, my coach has been telling me to get up thirty minutes early, and I can’t do that.’. So what does she do? She does nothing. She makes no change.

Because she thought it had to be thirty, not recognizing that it could be five. It could be two. It could be one minute earlier than normal. And if that alarm goes off a minute, two, or five earlier and you actually get up, what happens? You start to feel good about doing what you said you would. And when something feels good, I believe we want to chase the feeling even more. So the next day, you’re going to do that five minutes again, and then you get to a place where the 5 five minutes feel easy. So then you bring those laughable habits up to the next notch. Maybe you add another minute, maybe it's two, maybe it's five — you get to decide.” [22:31]

“When it comes to any kind of result that you want, I want people to think about what kind of stories they are telling themselves on what they think they need to do? What kind of timeline were they giving themselves, and then just step back and be really honest, like is that timeline realistic? What if you can 4x that timeline? 2x it? And just commit to doing and creating laughable habits in your day that can grow over time. You can get the work done.”  [26:18]

“I really want people to build belief in themselves that they can begin to create actions. And that the small actions, even though they will take longer to create results, you are setting yourself up for success because you’ll have a better chance of getting those results. Because the big action and the short time frame that you really want… that gets you nowhere. I just want to lift everyone’s burden off their shoulders. The busy parents out there. The moms, who are running around, crazy, working, and taking kids to activities, and trying to clean a house, and do the meals, and all of those things… just ask yourself, ‘What’s one simple thing I can do today?’, and then build upon that. It’s a muscle that you grow.” [36:06]

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Hello Good Life - Ep. 12 - Create Laughable Habits with Michelle Bazinet
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