Imagine a system that explains why you are the way you are and how you best respond to the world — that’s Human Design for you!

It’s no secret that I am fascinated with this practice, which is why I am so excited to have Missy Campbell, one of today’s leading experts on Human Design, as our guest on the podcast.

Join us as we dive deep into this topic and discover how grasping the intricacies of our Human Design can empower us to unlock a Good Life ahead.

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Listen out on this Human Design Podcast for:

  • Meet Human Design Expert + Realtor Missy Campbell [0:24]
  • Fun Fact Time! [1:42]
  • Missy’s Journey Into Human Design [4:42]
  • The 4 Main Types [7:46]
  • Infusing Human Design Into Life [12:55]
  • Suggestions + Tips For Understanding [30:23]

& Many More!


“I feel like Human Design is something that if it's meant for you, it will find you.” [5:00] 

“The awareness [of Human Design] helps you to just respect the person and the way they move through the world and to let that be the perfect way for them even though it doesn’t make sense to you. In a lot of things in human design that aren’t in your chart, they just don’t make sense to you. You don’t feel that in your body in the way they do. 

So it's more like, ‘I can love you just like you are, but I still don't understand it. And I can respect that you need to make your decisions in the way you do, and I make them in a way I do, and we can figure out a way to meet in the middle.’” [12:12] 

“Once you hit about age 50, your Chrion returns, and it’s like you become this known expert. So I’m seeing my life right now as this big experiment. I’m learning all these things and I don’t have to figure out anything or decide anything [right now]. It’s all to guide me towards this place where I become this wise person that people really respect. I’m just allowing — I’m allowing all things at this point” [25:40] 

[When you study Human Design] you’re going to learn your type and understand the energetics of that and the aura of the type. With the Generator it’s like a magnetic aura so the more you are your true self the more magnetic you become to others. Whereas the Manifestor actually has a repellent aura. I have a lot of manifestors in my family and it’s like they’re here to tell us the raw news and a lot of people don't like that because it's the truth. It’s kind of like the Reflector, but it's much more like rocking the boat and waking you up. And then Projectors are actually here to be our new leaders and it's a new type of leader that we’ve never experienced before.” [30:40] 

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🔗Consultation – 1:1 Human Design Reading With Missy Campbell
🔗Guide – Custom Human Design Map: 11 Pages Of Magical You

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Ep. 13 - Human Design With Missy Campbell
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