New season, new goals! 🍂

Fall is finally here, and if you're anything like me, you might find yourself holding a fresh set of business and life goals in your hands.

Come learn the steps you can take to reset from last quarter, get clarity on where you're going for this one, and discover the key elements that will empower you to finish strong — without the overwhelm.

Tune in for a cozy and insightful episode! You’re getting all the nuggets to take action on and a little behind the scenes of what I’m working on too!

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Listen Out For These Topics With Your Reset:

  • Introducing Today’s Topic + A Quick Catch-Up! [0:21]
  • The Significance of Mindset Shifts In Goal Setting [3:53]
  • Why Forgiveness Is A Key Element [7:06]
  • How To Review Your Goals Effectively [9:54]
  • Tips On How To Reset and Realigning [11:54]

& Many More!

Reflection On Your Reset

This podcast episode felt really good to record because we tend to lose our goals here and there. Additionally, it allows you to reflect on where you want to create a change. It doesn't mean it's going to be immediate. That is something that I want to reiterate. Growth, reflection and realigning are core to what helps you move forward. Moreover, it gives you a view into where you are already growing and the places you can change if it feels good to you. For example, for me – I didn't share this in the podcast episode but I realized I was spending too much time on social.

After reviewing this, I was able to take immediate action and put a limit on my social media on my phone so that I spent less time goofing off on my phone.


“Instead of looking at planning, reflecting, and realigning as a chore, let’s think about it as a tool. As something that can help you create a life and a business you’re aligned with. A life and a business that you love waking up to.” [4:50]

“I also want us to change our thinking around the expectations of what our life and business should look like. You get to create a life and business for you, versus doing what you think you should be doing because somebody else told you you had to do it. We all get one life to live, and you don’t want to live it for other people.” [5:33]

“Self-forgiveness is one of the most freeing powers for you to scale your manifesting, for you to scale your life and your business. Because when you take that time to say, ‘Hey, I am going to write down this forgiveness around what I want to forgive myself for.’, it creates this healing and this acceptance of you to yourself, especially when it does not feel like you should have that.”  [8:49]

“How can you get super specific and measurable with your goals? Get really specific with what you want your goals to be so you can reverse engineer and really lay [your plan] out. Determine when you should be measuring where you should be at with your goals as well.” [17:00]

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