Productivity – should sound simple, right? Meh.

Often, I've found myself hustling away, thinking I'm making magic, only to discover I've been caught up in the busyness trap, doing the hokey pokey with tasks that don’t really move my goals or life forward. 

Part of the problem is we’re bombarded with lofty advice from experts who tell you to do this or try that and you’ll magically be the most productive bean on earth. Truthfully, I don’t find that advice helpful at all! Additionally, we all are so stinkin’ busy and we’re unsure what will help us to take the next LOGICAL step. 

And here’s where things get juicy. My dear, sweet, and absolutely brilliant bestie, Julie Lowe, is stepping in. With her Certified High Performance Coach cape on, she’s about to serve up some no-nonsense, practical wisdom.

Join us for a fun, raw and honest chat as Julie spills the beans on real-deal productivity in today's episode. 

Tune in!

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Listen Out For:

  • Get To Know High Performance Coach Julie Lowe [0:23] 
  • Fun Fact Time! [4:10]
  • Let’s Talk A Few Good Habits [6:03] 
  • Why Motivation Doesn’t Always Work [13:46]
  • Getting Productive + Moving Forward With Intention [18:04] 

& Many More!


“In the past when I'd heard of high performance, I thought like ‘Oh, that sounds just like productivity’, but it's really about how you can be successful at what you do and accomplish things, but do it without sacrificing your family life, your personal life, without putting your health at risk… It's about how you can have that balance, be super successful, and maintain your health and relationships at the same time.” [1:55]

“It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out how do I reduce stress, how do I succeed at my career, and how do I really take care of myself, mind, and body. My book is a culmination of everything I learned; what I’ve learned that did work and what I’ve learned that did work. I just want to make it super simple, really straightforward, in a guide where it’s clear what to do. Because that’s the other thing about a lot of habit books — it’s real vague. It’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to implement habits but they don't necessarily tell you which habits to focus on, and I think that's where a lot of us get stuck and don't make progress. Because we learn the tips and tricks, but we don’t know where to start.” [7:53]

If you have a clear plan and really show up with intention, I think you’re always going to get better results. We stay busy with ‘busy work’ and things that are not really moving us forward, so bring that intention to your planning for your business or your career. Bring it to your house, but also bring it to your relationships.” [20:19]

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🔗 Book – Few Good Habits: The Uncomplicated Path to Less Stress & More Success

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Creating a few good habits can help you create massive success in your life! Listen to the podcast here with Julie Lowe and how you can build in successful habits.
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