“You shouldn’t. You mustn't. You can’t”

How many times have you held yourself back from doing something you badly want because others or a pesky inner critic tells you not to?

I've been there. I've let myself be held back because I couldn't push myself forward. I had to be what everything else wanted me to be and I just couldn't push myself out of my head. Additionally, I felt like I was paralyzed and couldn't take any sort of action that would push me to where I needed to go.

If you have felt the same way and you've wanted to lean into your intuition, this is for you. And… we're talking about all of this on the podcast today. You absolutely can have it all, it's really about giving yourself permission. Let's lean into your intuition, claim your voice, and assert yourself more, this episode will be a game-changer!

We're not just talking about having it all, we're talking about how to have it all in a way that feels truly congruent to you.

Tune in as the one and only Unicorn Coach Jo Peters guides on the path to fearlessly and confidently having it all, on your terms.

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Listen Out For:

  • Get To Know Unicorn Coach Jo Peters [0:24]
  • Fun Fact Time! [3:29]
  • Intuition: What Is It, Really? [5:59]
  • The “Good Girl Syndrome” [9:20]
  • Tips To Starting Having It All On Your Terms [16:28]

& Many More!


“Don’t be afraid of being curious about your intuition; that is one of our superpowers as women. That intuition, that gut feeling, that sixth sense allows us to be very good at reading our environment, at reading danger, at reading behaviors, at reading energies in the room. Then we have two choices — we can let it be an accident or we can take over it and use it with purpose for our benefit.” [7:31]

“The Good Girl Syndrome is a syndrome of how we have been raised, generation after generation, in a patriarchal world where we are [subjected to] the expectation of, ‘I need to be good. I need to be quiet. I need to behave. Nice girls don’t run and get dirty.  Nice girls just stay pretty in their dresses, [etc.]’… Every time our phrases start with, ‘I shouldn’t. I can’t. I mustn't’, that is not your own voice. That is the external voice of The Good Girl Syndrome that is taking the power [to decide] from you. [9:20]

“Understand that it’s time for you to stop being a ‘square watermelon’. In Japan they put cubes on top of the fields where the watermelons are growing. A beautiful round watermelon starts growing, but it starts growing in a box, so when it fully grows, it grows into the shape of a cube. I use that analogy because it is easy to remember. [Women] are being ‘square watermelons’ because we are working in a world designed for men, by men. Understand that there is nothing wrong with you, and that those [negative] voices are those ‘square watermelons’ trying to put you in a cube, when you are actually a freakin’ amazing, round, juicy watermelon. Embrace that power and energy.” [17:07]

“Learn to challenge the Good Girl Syndrome: Why are you saying I should not do that? What is the reason behind that? Why do you think that is not a good idea? Because that little voice is good at telling us it’s not a good idea, but as soon as we challenge  [we realize] that there is not a lot of support on why that is not a good idea.” [19:47]

“Every time we find ourselves thinking that we should wait or we shouldn’t do it now because it’s not perfect… stop, laugh, and say, ‘I am not pregnant. This is not my baby, this is not my son. It is not okay to go to labor at 20 weeks, but it is okay to go to labor with this idea even if it is not completely done.’ It will give you the giggles, but it will start rewiring the brain pathways into, ‘It is okay to apply with fifty percent and figure out the other fifty. It is okay.” [26:22]

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