Do you have a story to tell? A creative vision burning inside you? Or maybe you just want gain confidence in your writing. For me, it was just to gain confidence in general. Additionally, it was also to get back to me.

Whatever your reason, you're in the right place.

This is the podcast where we help you get your words out of your head and into the world, and to gain confidence while doing it.

In this episode, I chat with the incredible Tamara Protassow, an accomplished Book Writing & Creative Mentor. Tamara is going to teach us how to find our authentic voice and overcome writer's block. Furthermore, she's also going to help us dive into our confidence and how to bring more of that into our lives.

So whether you're a professional writer, a creative entrepreneur, or just someone who wants to tell their story, this episode is for you.

Get ready to laugh, learn, and be inspired.

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Listen Out For:

  • Get To Know Book Writing & Creativity Mentor Tamara Protassow [0:22]
  • Fun Fact Time! [2:38]
  • 3 Important Aspects Of Writing [4:32]
  • Why Gaining Confidence In Writing Can Be Challenging [7:22]
  • Your Creative Voice Matters And Here’s Why  [11:15]
  • Embracing Trust In Your Writing Journey [14:59]

& Many More!


“I tend to think of people as having universes inside them that we don’t know. Like we’re all walking all around, we're doing the thing, were the school mom, were the soccer mom, etc.  We do the things we're supposed to do, but everyone's internal universe is just this unique and sparkling place and we need more of that out into the world.” [12:05]

“You can write. Writing is just telling stories. If you get together with friends and you tell a story about what happened one day… all you need to do is just write that down. Writing these days is really about your voice – your authentic voice and how you express yourself. That's what makes a connection with the people.” [15:52]

Creativity for me, it’s very much an internal process. If you have an idea kicking around, then that idea is coming to you for a reason. You are the person who is chosen for that particular idea to come out to the world. And you might think, ‘Why me? I'm not that special.’. Well, yes. But this idea, said in your voice, in the way that you would do it, is gonna land differently with people if someone else did it.” [17:01]

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How to gain confidence with yourself and with your writing.
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