‘Tis the season to be… with family, making all the food, taking kids to all their activities and forgetting to take care of you! Eeekkkk!

That doesn’t sound fun at all. 

Isn’t the holiday season meant to be holly and jolly and not stressed and feeling like life is a mess?

I know, I’ve been there. And let’s be real… life is a mess in general. Let’s talk more about how we can embrace the mess while being more present with our family. And being more present with ourselves.

For many people, gearing up for the holidays is an easy process. But for those of us who feel like we’re managing all the things, you're likely no stranger to feeling all over the place at this time of the year.

Sure, we all want to make magical memories for our loved ones––that's a given. But is the holiday hustle really worth sacrificing your peace and productivity?

If your answer is NO, then you're in for a treat with this special episode! Join me as I peel back the curtain on my holiday preparations and drop some practical tips on how to gracefully navigate the holiday whirlwind without losing sight of YOU!

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Listen Out For:

  • Setting Expectations [2:11]
  • How to Stay Productive & Present [6:32]
  • Self-Care Tips [12:03]

& Many More!


“Don't create this fake truth inside your head, forcing yourself to do it all because you think that's what's expected of you. The only expectations you should have are the expectations you're giving yourself. And if you feel like other people have expectations of you that are unrealistic, unfair, or whatever your thoughts are around it, explain that this is a season in your life where you get to decide how you want it to be because this is your life.” [5:34] 

“It isn't even about doing all the things. It isn't about having all this extra stuff going. it really is about the time and the presence of you and the people you want to be with. So really think about how you can do that and how you can be more productive without having all of this extra white noise in the space.” [6:49] 

“Beyond the busy schedule, and the ‘I-have-tos,' I want you to embrace the imperfection and also find joy in the little moments. In our own backyard, we've observed more deer passing through, and witnessing my husband's excitement brings me genuine joy. It's akin to the delight of finding a present under the Christmas tree – it not only makes me laugh but also warms my heart. So, wherever you encounter these little moments of joy, take a moment to appreciate them, and remember to extend some appreciation to yourself as well.” [17:21] 



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