Life can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster, right? Juggling the chaos of daily life, parenting, working, and, oh, throw in a pinch of other ventures like… running a business!

(Cue the internal scream – YIKES!!)

I don’t claim for this to be easy but I do want us to see things differently. And I’m sharing a lot of my mindset and thought process around what I had to do in order to change my mindset fairly quickly.

I felt I could either stick to being reactive and stick to the mundane routine. It almost felt robotic… but it also felt lonely. So I’m sharing what I did to get proactive and use a different approach. I’m not saying it is easy, but the night and day difference I’ve seen in me has made me a true believer.

I promise you’re in for a treat with this special bite-sized episode! Tune in as I take a deep dive into what a growth mindset is and how it shapes our personal and relational growth amidst these challenges.

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Listen out for:

Understanding a Growth Mindset [2:31]
Overcoming Challenges with Positivity [4:31]
Growth Mindset in Goal-Setting [6:43]


“A growth mindset is when you approach any situation, entering various aspects of your life––even those that might initially frazzle you. And rather than coming in with a fixed mindset, which insists that everything remains the same, a growth mindset is all about asking, ‘How can I see things differently? Where is the opportunity in this? How can I change my perspective to view it differently?” [2:37]

“There's no way you're going to be super positive and radiating love in the highest light at all times, and that's okay. However, when you encounter challenges or face difficult moments, it's perfectly fine to take the time to reframe them as opportunities.” [4:48]

“I encourage you to set ambitious goals, aiming for those that are challenging yet attainable with dedicated effort. This approach not only provides you with an advantageous edge but also ensures quick wins, propelling you towards more ambitious objectives. By achieving these goals, you honor yourself, your word, and your commitments, embracing a growth mindset throughout the journey.” [6:49]


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